Workaway: the experience that changed Danuccia’s life

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Especially in the last few years, lots of young Italians went away from Italy to work abroad. This decision usually is taken to experience something new and to feel alive with full of energy to spend in something thats worth it. Today we’re introducing Danuccia, an Italian girl from Turin, who left her job to go to Portugal and to be a Workawayer at the Amazigh Hostel Aljezur. Now she is the author behind her blog Where is Danuccia? and HostelsClub Team decided to ask her about this interesting and amazing experience.


Hi Dana, or better Danuccia, nice to meet you, would you like to tell us a couple of things about you?

Hi guys, well, I am 29 and I come from Turin. I began to travel quite late in my life, in fact I was 21 when I travel for the first time, I went on an interrail journey through Spain and Portugal with a friend of mine.
During this trip I discovered a strong love for travelling. During the following years, however, my travels started to be more and more close to a trip and rather than a simple vacation.
At some point I realized I had to start to travel in the way that I wanted to, following the footsteps of the first train trip.

We found you thanks to your experience with Workaway, can you tell us more about it, please?

Volunteering is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and less conventional way of traveling. Randomly I discovered this opportunity while I was looking for information on how to travel low cost. Through Workaway you can meet travelers of all ages and property, families or farmers who offer accommodation in exchange for some hours of work per day. There are a lot of possibilities to travel with Workaway and in general doing volunteering, for all tastes and budgets.

Before moving on to other details about your experience, what prompted you to make a choice like this?

I have to admit that I had never done it before. My University didn’t help me in finding opportunities to study abroad even if I started working before graduating. I felt like something was missing in my life. One day while I was thinking about it, I suddenly thought, “What if I go travelling for a while?”. Right after this thought I felt a strong feeling of serenity. Eventually I left with no regrets.


We know that your experience with Workaway took place in a hostel. Is there any particular reason for which you chose this path?

The choice of the hostel was just a consequence. I wanted to return to Portugal and I wanted to go to a precise place in the Algarve, so I searched Workaway what were the opportunities in that area.
Once I got there I realized I made the right choice. Working in a hostel gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Based on your experience, would you recommend to work in a hostel? Why?

I would recommend it, although with some conditions. I would recommend it if you want to meet new people. In general working in hostels ranges from welcoming the guests to cleaning common areas and dormitories.

Well, after seeing your video on Youtube, we can’t help ask you … Could you tell us some weird or funny episodes that happened at the hostel?

Actually there were a lot. Once I was in the kitchen and a French mother and her daughter were about to cook their dinner. She put pasta and a whole package of sausages in the water, waiting for it to boil. For an Italian this is unbelievable. Another funny episode concerns a Scottish lord, he was a frequent customer. He could speak Italian quite well and even if he always paid for a bed in a dormitory, he used to sleep on the terrace, even if it was raining!


If I had to choose a hostel where to stay, what are the factors influencing your choice?

I basically look at three things. Price – essentially I want to spend as less as I can, however the service must be good. The location of the hostel, it has to be located close to the centre so that I can easily visit the city by foot. Last but not least – rooms, since I usually prefer to stay in a 4-bed dormitory, and even better if it’s female-only.

In your opinion, why would someone choose a hostel instead of a hotel?

Hotels are always the same thing or they are too expensive. Hostels are different, they were born with the philosophy of sharing. Generally, those who choose a hostel are naturally more keen on meeting new people.

Well, the last but not the least question… what are your next travel plans?

Good question! Probably I will travel throughout Europe, but I might easily change my mind soon. I really would like to go to South America, especially to Bolivia and Patagonia. United States are on my list too, especially those destinations where only few travelers go.

If you feel like you want to go and travel, here you have a list of hostels in Portugal to choose from!

Now we’re asking you guys: do you have any adventure you want to share with us?