Why to visit São Paulo, Brazil?

According to the first phrase of many backpackers’ Holy Bible Lonely Planet, São Paulo is a monster. The image of the city relies as dangerous, enormous and restless. It is indeed described by several travelers as a city that is difficult to get a hold on, to get something out of it. Even the local citizens, paulistas tend to grumble about its heavy traffic, smog and incredible gap between the rich and the poor.

We wanted to explore what’s there to do in São Paulo and is it really as frightening as its reputation tells.

Therefore, here’s a few outstanding pins from Pinterest presenting and defending the rustic destination of São Paulo:

1. That’s where South America’s top art scene is found…

Art Museum Sao Paolo

MASP – São Paulo Art Museum

Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, best known as CCBB, hosts movies, theater plays and major exhibitions.

2. São Paulo is an architecture heaven

Architecture in Sao Paolo

Estar Móveis store by SuperLimão Studio is an intriguing facade made of perforated and opaque hexagonal metal panels.

Edificio Planalto, Sao Paulo

Edifício Planalto is João Artacho Jurado’s building from 1956 with fancy colors and funky shaped structures.

3. A city that never stops

Motorbikes in Sao Paulo

Motorbikes lined up on Rua Boa Vista.

Sao Paolo

The fast paced city by night.

4. Places worth seeing and exploring

Galeria do Rock Sao Paolo

Galeria do Rock shopping mall is a must see for people watching and buying records, rock memorabilia, skateboards and hiphop stuff.

Avenida Paulista

Because it’s Avenida Paulista.

So, what’s your conclusion – would you go and visit São Paulo?