Weird and wonderful things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is the perfect place for a backpackers wanting a budget holiday in the sun. Visitors have been arriving in Morocco to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere and historic souks for decades now. Many travellers come back year after year to revisit the Jemma el Fna, Bahia Palace, and the historic Saadian Tombs.

But what are the weird and wonderful things to do in Marrakech? The eclectic side of the city that you don’t read about in the guidebook. Below we’ve come up with a list of budget friendly ideas so you can enjoy the alternative side of Morocco.

Watch the sunset behind the Koutoubia mosque

Image by Arts at LSE (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Arts at LSE (Flickr/Creative Commons)

When the sun collapses behind the rooftop bars in the Jemma el Fna, you’ll experience the true romance of Marrakech. Sit back, have a beer and listen to the sound of drums in the distance, and watch smoke fill the square. With the Atlas Mountains twinkling in the distance, there’s no better time or place to capture the magic of the city.

Book yourself a traditional hammam

If you’re travelling to Marrakech, then why not indulge yourself with a deep clean bath? Relax in a steamy hot room and get a black soapy scrub by an experienced masseur. You’ll purify your skin and remove all the lingering dirt from the loss of dead skin. To save a bit of money, you should take your own towel to dry off afterwards.

Get high in Marrakech…

Adventure travellers can take a hot air balloon ride on holiday in Marrakech. It’s arguably the best way to see the Atlas mountains and the Jemma el Fna.

Go horse riding in the mountains

Atlas mountains
Image by jbdodane (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Ride a horse in the Atlas Mountains, spend a fun day with a quad biking and refill your body with a glorious tagine afterwards. There are plenty of tour companies offering horse riding, quad biking, camel riding and buggy treks. All good hostels in Marrakech will have details on outdoor activities and how you can book your trip. Otherwise you can book in advance with us here.

Learn how to cook a tagine

Image by The Travelista (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by The Travelista (Flickr/Creative Commons)

There are plenty of companies offering a range of cookery courses for travellers in Morocco. Learn how to cook a tagine with the help of one or more of the country’s hottest cooks. Again all good hostels can advise you on the best classes and activities if you ask at reception.

Make new friends in a hostel

Staying in a hostel is the best way to make new friends during your time in Marrakech. We have excellent availability in the Jemma el Fna area, with rooms from only 5 euros per night! What you can save on accommodation, you can spend on hot air balloon rides and chicken tagine meals instead 🙂

*Header image by Geraint Rowland (Flickr/Creative Commons)