Walking throughout Amsterdam: a new way to discover the city

When you go to visit Amsterdam you’re probably about to rent a bike, since all people know the city as the European capital of bikes. But in the end, another alternative is to go for the pleasure of long walks along the numerous canals and the breathtaking buildings.

Amsterdam is a city that can give you unforgivable emotions even if you don’t spend 15 Euros for a museum, even if some of them are just to see, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, which host some of the most famous Rembrandt’s masterpieces.

amsterdam bike

Once you let yourself be overwhelmed by the pleasure of walking throughout Amsterdam, you nearly won’t notice how many kilometers you walk, because getting lost among the canals and, perhaps, among the coffee shops is only a pleasure.

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You are bound to be fascinated by the house boats moored to the sides of the canals. Some of them are private, some others are real hostels, such as Hotelboat, a barge built in 1970 which nowadays has a captain and a chef composing the fleet. You wouldn’t probably belive it but, there is also free wifi available! Another hostel-boat is the Intersail Amsterdam – Christine, featuring a parquet floor.

intersail hostel

Dutch people love going around with their bikes, so be careful and pay attention and not just when you are about to cross the street. Exploring Amsterdam by bike is definitely an experience you should do, but walking is to experience the city in slow motion, giving you the chance to appreciate the details of a hidden garden, such as Begijnhof.

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The Red Light District is the oldest part of Amsterdam and if you walk there during the night you see a world that seems not to exist during the day time. Seeing it by night, when the city is wearing the clothes of a sinful lady, it is a way to immerse yourself in a reality that doesn’t exist in many other countries. Walking throughout Amsterdam in the Red Light District during the day is like being catapulted into a completely different world from the one you see under the light of stars and ruby neon, because your eyes are captured from the architectures of other times, on the Oude Church which dominates Oudekerksplein.


A tip: take an hour to stroll in Vondelpark, where the Dutch jog and stop listening to free concerts of classical music and jazz, but you can also participate in the events organized from time to time.

Walking throughout Amestardam means conquering it. You can decide to let yourself be lost by throwing away the city map. Do you want to know a trick? Not to get completely lost, you just need to always cross canals!

Now we’re asking you mates – do you have the courage of being guided by the streets of Amsterdam?