Why to visit Cairns, Australia

visit cairns

The question is: why to always visit the same famous cities in Australia? Or to visit from time to time only the most common cities of Australia? People usually go and visit Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with the exception of those who are going on a road trip or are going to Australia to spend their holiday surfing around.

Our proposal is to discover another great city in Australia but probably less famous than the three mentioned above: Cairns.




The first reason to go and visit Cairns is the famous coral reef, known well both by locals and tourists. Tours are frequent and you can book them directly at the harbour.
Be careful when you go swimming, because of the extremely dangerous jellyfish – please have a look at the warning signs on the beaches before having a bath!



Another reason to go and visit Cairns is without a doubt the number of waterfalls this city has to offer. Need an example? How about the Millaa Millaa Waterfalls Circuit, which includes Millaa Milla, Zillie and Ellinjaa waterfalls?



For those who love adventures, there is something you should try: a walk in the rain forest! You need to drive for a couple of hours to the north of Cairns and from there take a day trip through the wonders of the rain forests.
But for those who are not so courageous, there is another alternative, too: cross the Barron Gorge National Park taking the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway!


Don’t keep your eyes underwater, but lift them to gaze at the amazing beaches, probably the most beautiful in all Australia. An example? Cliffton Beach and Cairns Beach.


Not far from Cairns, about 15 minutes by car, you can find the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, a place where you can somewhat experience what Australia was before colonization, by getting to know the aboriginal culture.


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