Why vegan is the new currywurst in Berlin

Over the past few years, Berlin has fallen out of love with the currywurst and has become Europe’s vegan capital. The vegan lifestyle is extremely popular in Berlin with over 43 vegan restaurants in the German capital. Famed for its counter-culture shops and alternative bars, Berlin has become the ‘vegan paradise’ of Germany’s one million strong vegan population.

German cuisine has traditionally been meat-heavy, with sauerkraut, beer and chips dominating menus for decades. But times are changing and vegan food has become the new currywurst for travellers.

Berlin’s vegan restaurants are environmentally friendly and more than 340 city restaurants include animal-free dishes on their menus. Germany’s capital is also the place for vegan fashion, shoes, and animal free cosmetics.

The city is home to “vegan avenue” in Prenzlauer Berg, where you’ll find chic footwear from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, trainers from Ethletics, non-leather Doc Martens, and hiking boots from Vegetarian Shoes.

Image by Rawstastic

Also part of “vegan avenue” is the Veganz supermarket that serves everything from raw foods, plant-based milk drinks to vegan ice cream. Raw food is one of the coolest gourmet trends hitting Berlin.

At Rawtastic in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin’s first raw vegan restaurant, all dishes are deliberately heated below 42°C (108°F). Visitors should check out their ‘Koodles’ (noodles made from carrots and zucchini) and ‘shroom burgers if they’re on a budget.

Celebrating another ‘super food’ trend, Daluma in Mitte serves detoxifying power smoothies and lentils, pasta and quinoa dishes. Another foodie theme, “clean eating”, focuses on unprocessed, natural food served in budget portions at The Bowl in Friedrichshain.

Image by Josefine Stenudd (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Josefine Stenudd (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Whether you choose a pasta dish with vegetable noodles and tomatoes, or a Mexican avocado and corn meal, every serving at The Bowl is 100% sugar- and gluten-free. Being able to try vegan dishes is one of the joys of living in a city like Berlin; you don’t need a huge budget to eat well, so you can afford to have an open mind 🙂

Budget travellers going to Berlin on a vegan pilgrimage should check out the Vegan Summer Festival held in Alexanderplatz (August 2017), at Green Market Berlin in the old Kindl Brauerei (September 2017), and the VeggieWorld trade fair (November 2017) at Station Berlin.

Where to stay near “Vegan Avenue” in Prenzlauer Berg

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Lette’m Sleep Hostel Berlin is located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, surrounded by funky cafes, vintage Berlin bars, cheap eateries, and vegan restaurants. Rooms from only €11 per night.

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*Header image by Nacho Pintos (Flickr/Creative Commons)