Valentine’s Day: A Guide for Solo Travellers in London

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a lonely experience for solo travellers. Backpackers arriving in London can save a fortune booking a low cost hostel and partying hard. There is no need to book a fancy restaurant or shower your loved one with expensive presents.

Being a solo traveller is brilliant on holiday; you can wake up with whoever you want, or no one at all. You can stay up all night and return to your hostel and play on Tinder until dawn. London is the perfect city for a solo traveller looking for love on holiday.

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Picture: Davide D’Amico


Europe’s largest metropolis is a brilliant place to explore on your travels. Glittering with amazing clubs and beautiful singletons, London is the reason why you should roam free on Valentine’s Day. Book your holiday now and fall in love with bright young things.

Solo Clubbing in London

Bounce Ping Pong

Bounce Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Romantic love is banned at London’s leading ping pong club. Forget kisses and sharing pudding in a crowded restaurant, table tennis is miles better and it only costs a fiver to get in.

The Holborn venue will be lit with UV light sculptures (so the ping pong balls glow) and anyone caught kissing will be shamed by the ‘blacklight bouncers’. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Anti Valentine's Day Shoreditch

Anti-Valentine’s Friday 13th Bar Crawl 

If you want to hook up on holiday in London then look no further than the Shoreditch Pub Crawl. Book your ticket now and chat up hipsters in five Shoreditch bars whilst necking free shots and cheap drinks. A little party never killed nobody.

Bario East Party

St. Valentine’s Day Mezcal Masscare @ Bario East 

If you fancy kissing hipsters all night then look no further than Bario East in Shoreditch. With super hot DJs on standby, a tequila massacre is the perfect antidote to Valentine’s Day.

Open until 3am you have plenty of time to smuggle a hottie back to your hostel! Just make sure your fellow travellers aren’t kept awake all night on the top bunk…

Bohemian City Late at the Museum of London

Bohemian City Late at the Museum of London

Celebrating London’s bohemian soul and England’s greatest detective, the Museum of London is hosting a late night opening on Valentine’s Day. Absinthe will be served all night long accompanied by circus performers.

Come and explore their Sherlock Holmes exhibition and dance all night to a 13-piece Balkan brass ensemble Trans-Siberian Marching Band. 

Where to stay in London 

The Dictionary

  • The Dictionary is Shoreditch’s leading boutique hostel and captures the edgy spirit of East London with aplomb. Rooms are available from €21.94.
  • Smart Camden Inn Hostel is a trendy budget hostel in North London, right next to Camden’s rock’n’roll pubs and food markets. Rooms are available from €18.98.
  • Clink261 is a boutique hostel wonderfully located in the heart of Kings Cross. Rooms are available from €28.98.
  • Wombat’s City Hostel London is a boutique low cost hostel situated only a few metres away from Tower Bridge. Rooms are available from €26.30.