Urban street art and designer hostels in Barcelona

With a rich cultural heritage including Picasso, Juan Miro, Gaudi and Salvador Dali, Barcelona has long been an epicentre for European creativity. As street art increasingly becomes public art, the city is attracting more travellers to its intimate back streets and urban areas than ever before.

Creative cities are packed full of designer hostels and low cost hotels. Barcelona is known worldwide as one of the best places you can experience on a budget. Book your holiday here and check out some of the most exciting street art displays in Europe today.

Here are some of favourite street art displays in Barcelona.

Madsteez Barcelona

MadSteez (Mark Paul Deren) is a 33-year-old Californian artist who created this painting in October 2014. It’s a comment on rising social inequality depicted by three WEENer Dogs.

Sam3 Barcelona

Sam3 is worldwide known for his silhouette paintings on building walls. This street art display has a dual theme in merging nature and man. It’s typical of many random street art displays you will see on holiday in Barcelona. Everywhere you look there is a work of art.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada Barcelona

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada completed this brilliant new mural in late 2014. His signature style is to create portraits of unknown people in charcoal, where they become Goliath protagonists confronting the powerful King Davids of politics and advertising.

Xenz “The Moon on a Stick” from Fluorescent Smogg on Vimeo.

Fluorescent Smogg will be hosting a showcase of meditative work by London-Barcelona based artist Xenz at their new Barcelona art space – ‘Project Space’. The Moon On A Stick presents a new series of focused monochromatic illustrations and addresses themes of identity, relationship, success and competition increasingly associated with modern life.

*Always a fascinating city to explore on holiday, there are fresh street art displays being sprayed in peculiar locations every week. Art is everywhere in Barcelona and you will find it whether you want to explore the Picasso Museum, Park Güell or an inner city back street. Book your holiday today and discover Europe’s most creative city by staying in a designer hostel.

Designer hostels in Barcelona

Barcelona Urbany Hostel

  • Barcelona Urbany Hostel offers high class flashpacker accommodation for young travellers. This trendy 400-bed building is located next to La Sagrada Familia and is a cool place to hang out in Barcelona. Super friendly and undeniably stylish, the Wi-Fi friendly hostel is perfect for designer travellers. Rooms are available from €19.47.
  • Dream Cube Hostel is a funky Wi-Fi hostel located near “Francesc Macia” square. Designer friendly and perfect for international travellers arriving in Barcelona for the first time. The Dream Cube Hostel is the first hostel to embrace Japanese style capsule format bunks/boxes in Barcelona. Rooms are available from €15.77.
  • The Hostel Box Port offers travellers boxes or “caps” which provide travellers with well-designed places to sleep in and far greater privacy than a traditional dorm. Rooms are available from €15.96.