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At we want to help you explore the world as cheaply as possible. During this time of recession with more people traveling on a budget, it is a great opportunity to explore places closer to home in the UK.Right now you can search for over 200 low-cost places to stay in the UK alone. But it’s no good booking a hostel for only £10.95 a night at Journeys Brighton Hotel if you can’t get there cheaply.Here are a few tips for intercity travel around the UK on a shoestring budget.

One of my favourite methods of traveling, due to it’s speed, comfort and its relatively low cost. There is also a feeling of freedom when traveling on train, to stand up and stretch your legs, have a little wander to the buffet carriage or toilet, catch up on some reading, or just to sit and admire the view whirling past you at speeds of over 100mph. Train stations are usually located with good access to the city center in the UK too, making it easy to get around the area.
The best way I have found to get cheap travel is to find out the name of the train company providing the service, by searching for your journey on then searching on the train providers website to see if they quote a cheaper price.
Trains in the UK can be booked 12 weeks before the date of travel, and that is generally the cheapest time to get a ticket, so if you can, BOOK IN ADVANCE.

Coaches, though often quite a cheap option, are not as quick as train. However, this is only a issue if you are in a rush! I used to get cheap coaches late at night not just because they were cheap but I could get some sleep on the coach and wake up already at my destination. (Just make sure you set an alarm to wake you up at your estimated arrival time!!)
I have found some great deals from £1 on the . Also check out

Flying is not always the greenest option, but is sometimes amongst the cheapest, and for long distances it is usually the quickest. I always go to skyscanner.netto check out prices first as they are a third party company that compare lots of flight operators and give you the best prices. Plus their search engine has some really useful options, such as find the cheapest price within a month or even a year.

Somewhat of an unorthodox method of travelling, hitch-hiking between cities is the cheapest way to get around, though not recommended for traveling if you are on your own,(especially you ladies). These days you don’t just have to stand at the side of the road to grab a free lift, check out to see if anyone is going where you want to go and has space in their car, or to see if you can offer anyone else a lift.

General tips

  • Consider all your transport options to find the best deal, sometimes you will be surprised by which is cheapest.
  • Plan as much as possible in advance of the trip to get the biggest savings.
  • Avoid travelling at peak times such as rush hour or bank holidays etc.
  • Check to see if you can get any discounts if you are a young person, if you have a promotional code or membership card,  if you have a disability, if you’re travelling in a group etc.

Hostels in the UK

London Hostels

Foto by TJ Morris

Here are a few hostels we suggest you visit  around the UK
Ace Hostel in York
Journeys Brighton Hostal in Brighton
Portsmouth and Southsea Backpackers Lodge
Hatters in Birmingham
Phoenix Hostal, London

The Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff

McLays Guest House, Glasgow
Edinburgh Central Youth Hostal, Edinburgh
St Andrews Tourist Hotel

Northern Ireland:
The Linen House, Belfast
Montagu Arms, Tandragee

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If you’ve got any other transport suggestions we’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

October 26, 2011

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