Top 5 Romeo and Juliet Attractions in Verona

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Have you guys seen the super romantic movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ where Amanda Seyfried arrives to Verona as a writer, meets ‘the Secretaries of Juliet’ and is torn between two lovers? Made famous originally by the story of Shakespeare, this ancient corner of the Veneto region, Verona is without a doubt one of the most romantic travel destinations in Italy.

Discover these 5 top attractions to follow the footsteps of the bitter sweet and heart throbbing tale of Romeo and Juliet:

1. The famous Juliet’s House dated back from the 14th century, along with the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo was enchanting to charm her. People around the world, particularly young ladies still keep writing and asking for love advice from Juliet and there’s a team of volunteers which actually replies to these messages on the upstairs of Juliet’s House. Altogether 5000 messages are received and replied each year, which describes people apparently do have a plenty of questions regarding their love live!

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2. Tiny little love notes on the court yard walls called ‘the Juliet’s Wall‘ – it is believed that if you declare you love as leaving a note on this wall, you will be together forever with your beloved one. Now after reading this special piece of advice, would you dare to visit this attraction without leaving your own love declaration?

Verona, Italy
Photo: Flickr Creative Common; Rosie Connell

3. Romeo’s House, a castle-like building from the Middle Age is also not far from Juliet’s House. However, as a contrast to that, Romeo’s House is in fact only a name for the tourists. You may go to admire and take a picture of it, but unfortunately the house itself is privately owned and not officially open for visitors.

4. Situated inside a small monastery, Juliet’s Tomb is believed to be the place where she rested while drinking the poison before her death. Nowadays this old monastery is transformed into a museum and it is a truly fundamental spot to visit regarding the dramatic ending of one of the most romantic Shakespearean stories.

5. Still perfectly preserved from the Middle Age, the Verona Walls are exactly the ones Romeo left after being banished from the city of Verona. Here you can feel and sense the capturing essence of the one of he greatest and memorable love stories in the history!

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Even if the characters of Romeo and Juliet were not real existing people but rather pure fiction of Shakespeare, the attractions of Verona remain fascinating and worth exploring for visitors. To find out more information on cheap accommodation in Verona, take a look at here!