Toilet Tax? Is Ryanair taking the piss?

The Toilet Tax!

Ryanair has recently announced that it plans to make the toilets on its flights coin-operated and charge passengers a euro to spend a penny. They also plan to have only one toilet per plane, allowing them to fit in extra seats and make more money per flight.  This will be done, of course, to make prices cheaper for everybody!

The toilet tax seems a pretty unfair idea, especially since Ryanair already charges over the odds for drinks on the planes.  It also strikes me a very difficult charge to enforce. Does Ryanair expect its hostesses to stand by the toilet making sure than people don’t share or hold the door open for the next passenger in the queue? What happens if the flight is delayed on the runway? Do passengers still have to pay, or does everyone get a free go after a few hours? Will we get a discount if we book it online?

How long is it going to take us to realize that a cheap ticket is only cheap if we don’t have to pay a load of surcharges before we get to our destination?

The pessimist in me thinks that soon we will be charged for breathing on airplanes. The realist thinks that this is an idea that will never actually happen. With the traveler’s motto of “be prepared” in mind however, here are a few suggestions for avoiding Ryan air’s toilet tax.

Go before you fly

Not only will you have to queue up on the plane to use the only toilet if you are caught short, but now passengers face another queue before boarding. Expect the entire passenger list to cram into the nearest airport toilet as soon as their flight is called.

Drink nothing

Airports can expect their revenues to decline as passengers fast as soon as they have checked in. Instead of buying a bottle of water for the flight, people will now make do with some dry crackers.

Practice Those Kegel Exercises

Frequent fliers will soon have the strongest pelvic floor muscles out there as they learn to hold it in until the end of the flight.

Go in groups

Families will try to visit the toilet in groups and spontaneous friendships will be made on planes, as people hold the toilet doors open for each other.

Take a supermarket token

Those handy little tokens that let you use a shopping trolley without needing a coin are going to be worth their weight in gold!


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April 26, 2010

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