Things to do in Munich for backpackers

With its world-class museums, gorgeous parks and enormous beer halls, Munich is one of Germany’s most celebrated cities. Most backpackers come to Munich for Oktoberfest, but the city has an abundance of attractions that can be enjoyed all-year round.

Backpackers can explore the Englischer Garten and drink Bavaria’s finest in the legendary Hofbrauhaus beer hall. Check out the iconic Olympiapark or go for a stroll in the beautiful Marienplatz. There is no shortage of things to do in Bavaria’s capital.

Sharing our tips and advice on how to best experience the city, here’s HostelsClub’s guide for backpackers arriving in Munich for the first time.


Photo by: Takuki /Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by: Takuki /Flickr & Creative Commons

Marienplatz has always been the focal point of the city. Attracting visitors throughout the year, the Glockenspiel inside the New City Hall is a must-see attraction for backpackers. Climb up the towers and enjoy glorious views of the city. Just off the historic square, there are designer shops, restaurants and beer halls that cater to English-speaking backpackers.

Photo: Abraham Puthoor/Flickr
Photo: Abraham Puthoor/Flickr & Creative Commons

Nymphenburg Palace is the best place in Munich to learn about Bavarian history. Offering visitors luxurious architecture and beautiful free gardens to explore. Backpackers can take a self-guided tour of the building and discover a light-flooded ballroom, a spooky hall of mirrors, and crystal chandeliers.

Picture: Vestman / Flickr & Creative Commons

Deutsches Museum is one of the largest science and technology museum’s in Europe. With exhibitions taking place over six floors, some of the world’s finest aircraft’s, cars, historic machinery and contemporary gadgets are on display. Its a tour de force for technology and science geeks.

Picture: Rufus46 Flickr & Creative Commons

Englischer Garten is perfect if you want to chill out in Munich. Stretching from the city centre to the north east of the city, there are lakes, streams, playing fields and mature trees – and one of Germany’s biggest beer gardens! Chinesischer Turm is a pagoda-style, all-wooden tower with five storeys dedicated to beer. Outdoor types who don’t fancy getting drunk can explore the garden on a bike tour here.

Olympic Stadium Munich

Once host to the Olympic Games in 1972, Munich’s epic Olympiapark is now an international events centre, sports venue, and popular tourist attraction. Go abseiling along on a zip line from the tent roof and take gold medal pictures with your camera.


Munich beer
Picture: Bernt Rostad / Flickr & Creative Commons

Grab a beer and pretzel at the famous Hofbrauhaus beer hall and drink your way to happiness. If you’re feeling hungry after a few drinks, then some cold meats will probably do the trick. Weißwurst (white veal and bacon
sausage) is a local favourite in Munich and is eaten as an early morning snack.

Bierwurst is a smoked sausage flavoured with black pepper, paprika, and mustard. Blutwurst is a tasty blood sausage, usually served in petit slices.


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We hope these tips will inspire you to visit Munich. If you have already been to the city, please share the wealth and don’t forget to book with us!