The Secret Gardens of Amsterdam

Amsterdam's secret gardens

Close your eyes and mind-travel back in time when you were a child. During those days you still had the opportunity to get lost in fantasy and in cartoons like Alice in Wonderland, discovering mysterious places, hidden behind a small door. Even if you probably have already thought about how to organize your weekend in Amsterdam, you may not know that, along with the most famous points of interest, there are also some hidden places you have never heard about. It’s not easy to find them, except for one… We are talking about the secret gardens of Amsterdam!

It seems like a fairy tale that after the doorways, you can find these beautiful gardens. There you are, walking through the streets, admiring the canals and the architecture of the buildings, but you know nothing about this part of the town, so beautiful and so hidden. Among Amsterdam’s secret gardens, one in particular is well known, the one called Begijnhof, located a short walk from Dam Square.

Let’s go step by step and see some of thes gardens together, because it would be impossible to list them all.


Amsterdam's secret gardens
Photo Credito ( Dennis Jarvis

Through a small door in Spuistraat, you get into a garden surrounded by buildings. Visiting this secret garden, you will have the chance to admire the beautiful clandestine English church, built in 1419, and the oldest house in Amsterdam, dating back in 1465.

Please note it’s definitely not the most peaceful garden in town, because it’s quite popular and for this reason it’s losing a little bit of the atmosphere these courts had in the past.


Amsterdam's secret gardens
The biggest secret garden of Amsterdam is located in Jordaan neighborhood, between the street numbers 89 to 171. The names of those who realized are reported on the top of the door you use to go in.

In reality, there are two gardens, both bordered by a white picket fence, featured by flowers and trees, which cover you from the sun… on the rare occasions when it is out!


This garden is very small and you get inside through a red door in the neighborhood of Jordaan. For a long time the wooden bench next to the wall was covered with ivy and only recently was cleaned and made usable.


wow amstedam hostel

This is not really a conventional Amsterdam’s secret garden, but it’s worth to be placed on this list because of its peculiarities. In the inner courtyard of the Wow Amsterdam hostel, besides being a hostel it’s a real creative hub. In fact, right in the back there is an urban laboratory where artists, scientists, artisans and residents are experimenting possible solutions for sustainable development, using food, water, energy and art.


  1. Not all Amsterdam’s secret gardens are open to public
  2. Remember you are entering a resident garden, so you need to be respectful
  3. Entering is not prohibited, but you have to behave thinking about there are people living there, so try to be silent
  4. Avoid to visit these gardens on Sundays

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