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  • Go see the Regata Storica in Venice

    Image by Norma Gòmez (Flickr/Creative Commons)

    Gondolas will parade down Rialto Bridge for the Regata Storica – a historic tradition which celebrates barges racing down the Grand Canal Regata Storica is one of Venice’s most beautiful traditions. If you’re going on holiday to Italy this year, then make sure you see the Regatta Storica on the first Sunday of September. Venice will be reviving […]

  • City Guides
  • Cannaregio – the Venice most tourists miss


    Escaping the crowds in Venice can be a serious challenge, but fortunately it still has a few remote areas untouched by mass tourism. Surprisingly few visitors go to Cannaregio, a quiet, residential district home on the northern shore of the island. With its rickety wooden bridges and green canals, Cannaregio is the closest you’ll get to experiencing Venetian life […]