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  • Discovering Europe In A Camper

    Camper, Peter and Helena. Photo by Lasse Persson

    Have you ever thought of travelling around Europe with a camper? According to two adventurous travelers, Helena and Peter from Sweden, a camper truly equals freedom. While traveling through several European countries during a year from December 2014 until December 2015, Helena and Peter document their journey on FREEDOMtravel blog and kindly shared us their […]

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  • Granada on a Backpacker Budget

    Granada Alhambra Spain

    Granada is one Spain’s most attractive cities and millions of backpackers come to visit each year. With budget hostels available throughout the year, the Moorish city is a student friendly and atmospheric place to explore on holiday. Situated in the heart of Andalucía, anyone staying in Granada will be in an ideal location to visit […]

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  • A Backpackers Guide to Ronda

    Ronda is an idyllic mountain town situated in the rocky heart of Andalucia. Perfect for backpackers arriving in southern Spain on vacation, Ronda is one of the country’s most famous ‘pueblo blancos’. Perched on the top of a rugged ravine, which drops sheer for nearly 130 metres, Ronda is a spectacular place to book a budget holiday in […]

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  • Budget Cycling Holidays in Seville

    Seville Street

    Budget cycling holidays in Seville are more popular than ever before. There has never been a better time to cycle past some of the city’s gorgeous parks and splendid Moorish architecture. Seville, the capital of Andalucia in southern Spain, has undergone a cycling revolution in recent years. There are 120 km of cycle lanes available, making […]