Discovering Europe In A Camper

Have you ever thought of travelling around Europe with a camper? According to two adventurous travelers, Helena and Peter from Sweden, a camper truly equals freedom. While traveling through several European countries during a year from December 2014 until December 2015, Helena and Peter document their journey on FREEDOMtravel blog and kindly shared us their […]

10 Coolest Hostels in Lisbon

Ready to explore the delights of the sunshine city of Lisbon? The star attraction of Portugal features dozens of amazing, design-conscious and upmarket hostels for you to rest your head and feet, after a busy day of exploring the city of typical bright yellow trams and the breathtaking adventures of Vasco da Cama. Discover the […]

Backpacker Guide to Albufeira

Surrounded by warm turquoise seas, the Albufeira’s honey tinged beaches are the perfect place for backpackers on holiday. Portugal’s southern coast is a gorgeous stretch of terrain and has a rich variety of beaches, wildlife and budget apartments available. The Algarve boasts more sunshine per year than California and provides travellers with an ambient and […]

Art and Design Hostels in Portugal

Forget nights in ugly dorms and terrifying showers, modern hostels have undergone a serious upgrade in the twenty-first century. Like the smartphones of the ‘flashpackers’ who use them, new hostels are increasingly hipster with a special emphasis on art and design. Many now feel like a boutique hotel, only without the punishing price tag. Nowhere […]