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  • Go see the Regata Storica in Venice

    Image by Norma Gòmez (Flickr/Creative Commons)

    Gondolas will parade down Rialto Bridge for the Regata Storica – a historic tradition which celebrates barges racing down the Grand Canal Regata Storica is one of Venice’s most beautiful traditions. If you’re going on holiday to Italy this year, then make sure you see the Regatta Storica on the first Sunday of September. Venice will be reviving […]

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  • 48 hours in Turin, Italy

    Backpackers arriving in Turin may be surprised to find that Italy’s fourth largest city is largely tourist free. For a city that boasts some of Europe’s finest art museums, you’d expect it to be bursting with travellers. The picturesque Italian city has an old soul, which is vividly captured by its Roman gates, medieval churches and 19th century coffee […]

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  • How to do Florence on a Backpackers Budget


    Florence is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and the epicentre of the Italian Renaissance. Celebrated for its glittering architecture and art history, the Tuscan city attracts thousands of backpackers every year. From the iconic Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore to Michelangelo’s David, the city of Florence captures the essence of Italian style and culture. The Italian Renaissance city may […]