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  • Why to visit São Paulo, Brazil?

    Sao Paulo

    According to the first phrase of many backpackers’ Holy Bible Lonely Planet, São Paulo is a monster. The image of the city relies as dangerous, enormous and restless. It is indeed described by several travelers as a city that is difficult to get a hold on, to get something out of it. Even the local […]

  • Art and Design
  • Looking Through the Tower Glass

    Offering spectacular views from one of London’s most famous landmarks, the new West Walkway at Tower Bridge is made entirely out of glass. Brand new and extraordinarily gripping, especially if you have a fear of heights, the Walkways provide a heart pounding ride over the River Thames. Gasp and spy upon the famous red London buses and […]

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  • Bilbao: A Boutique Guide to the Basque Country

    Vivid, stylish and ruggedly handsome, Bilbao is a titan of culture on the northern Spanish coast. The largest city in the Basque Country has inspired visitors since Museo Guggenheim was built in 1997. Since then Bilbao has become a top culture destination inspired by its modernist architecture, galleries and surreal public monuments. Furthermore, the Basque city has […]