Romance In Amsterdam

Amsterdam + Valentines Day + HostelsClub = Romance

Okay, so hopefully you’ve sorted your plans for Valentines day next week…right?

Well if not, let us make a suggestion that won’t break the bank but that will be very special and memorable, book a hostel in Amsterdam!

5 Romantic things to do in Amsterdam:

  1. Take a canal boat ride – get close to the water, on a romantic ride for two
  2. Take a horse & carriage ride – for those afraid of the water, a traditional carriage could be more ideal
  3. Go to the theatre – let your emotions soar with the drama on stage, and gently hold your sweethearts hand in the sad parts
  4. Take a night time stroll – the perfect combination for romance – big moon, lots of canals and beautifully lit buildings, just like in the films
  5. Go partying – some of you may prefer to have a few drinks and hit the bars and clubs Amsterdam is famous for, and I would also recommend it!

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February 7, 2012

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