Park Life and Beer Gardens during summer in Berlin

Let us introduce you to the delightful summers of the streets of Berlin. The city will captivate you with its urban atmosphere, tasty street food creations from all around the world, visible traces of striking history, cool graffiti and street art works, vibrant nightlife, relaxed beer gardens and its hip vibe. All year round, this city has something exceptional going on, but during summer time is when the city really comes to life. The combination of green, blossoming parks, a perpetual amount of different street markets, open air cinemas, beach bars and festivals, as well as a young and multicultural population and thousands of backpackers and tourists visiting the city each summer, makes it a must visit summer destination for young travelers wishing to enjoy their vacation in a relaxed, yet eventful, fashion.

During a summer vacation in Berlin, there are some activities you definitely cannot miss out on, in order to truly understand the city.


Bearpit Karaoke in Mauerpark, Berlin. Picture by Sfreimark on Flickr.

Everyone in Berlin take their friends and family along for a picnic or a barbecue in the park as soon as the trees turn green and the nights get longer and hotter. Mauerpark Berlin is commonly visited for these type of activities, but also for the famous flea market which is held here. If you happen to be here on a Sunday, you are very lucky, as you will have the chance to take part of some Bear pit karaoke, which will probably be the most unique karaoke event you have ever been to. The river Spree is also surrounded by many beautiful parks that are perfectly suited for a cozy picnic, such as the Tiergarten or Schlosspark Charlottenburg. If beautiful plants and trees is a great interest of yours, you should visit the Britzer Garten, with its themed gardens and the “Gardens of the World” featuring among others a Chinese, a Japanese, a Korean, an Indonesian and an Italian garden.

Beer Gardens

Beergarden in Berlin. Picture by Onnola on Flickr

Going to a beer garden is the perfect way to end a hot summer day, relaxing in the shade with a cold beer and some good company. You will certainly not have experienced the real German life if you forget to visit one of these.The traditional rules for what was to be considered a beer garden was that the shade must come from trees and that no fast food would be served – only substantial meals. However, nowadays you can also find beer gardens with parasols, serving lighter snacks or fast food, which can actually be a pleasant option as well. There are plenty of beer gardens in Berlin, all of which can guarantee you a relaxed atmosphere after a long day.

Open Air Cinemas

Watching a movie in an open air cinema is a great way to sense the relaxed, chilled out vibe of Berlin. The oldest one is Open Air Kreuzberg, which is located in one of the most trendy districts of Berlin, Kreuzberg, filled with hip bars and clubs as well as a young and individualistic population. Another great open air cinema is the Freiluftkino Friedrichshain, where visitors can chill out in the grass fields of Volkspark Friedrichshain, while watching a movie and bringing some snacks and drinks along.

Beach Bars & Sky bars

Yaam Beach bar. Picture by Thomas Angermann on Flickr.

The list of beach bars in Berlin is long, but it can still be difficult to find one that isn’t over crowded. A recommended spot for all of you who love sports is Europe’s largest beach bar with volley ball court, BeachMitte. A bit more particular and multicultural beach bar is Yaam (Young and African Arts Market), where you can relax, listen to reggae music and try some African food. One of the greatest hot spots, though, is Club der Visionäre, a floating beach bar on the river Spree.

Deck5 Roof top/beach bar. Picture by Freiluftrebellen on Flickr.

We love the tourist attractions with a view, such as Reichstag and Fernsehturm, but if it’s just the view you are after, we recommend you to skip waiting in line for hours, and make your way to a skyline bar instead, where you can enjoy the view while having a snack and a chilling drink. The Deck5 is a cool bar where you will feel as if you are on the beach, only high above the rooftops, as loads of sand has been brought up to this sky bar.

Roof tops

Klunkerkranich Rooftop Bar. Picture by Ekvidi on Flickr.

Enjoying a sunny day in Berlin from a roof top is one of the best things to do. Some hostels already have a roof top for you to enjoy and meet some fellow travelers on, but if not, don’t put yourself in danger by trying to climb up to somebody else’s rooftop – there are other options. For instance, the Klunker kranich roof top with its bar and natural, hip design is a perfect place to enjoy the sun and the view. They host amazing events such as readings or concerts.

Water Sports

Even though Berlin is not situated by the sea, water sports are still very popular, and can be practiced on the river Spree or the lake Wannsee close by. Kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddling (SUP-boarding), boat rentals or guided boat tours are some of the fun water activities available. One of the coolest diving spots is also available in Berlin-Spandau for the brave hearted, the Tauchturm that can take you diving in up to a 50 m depth, but to dive here, you first must prove you can dive at ten meters’ depth.

Street food

Currywurst, a fried sausage served with tomato ketchup and curry with fries. A typical snack in Berlin.
Currywurst, a fried sausage served with tomato ketchup and curry with fries. A typical snack in Berlin.

To enjoy your trip to the fullest, you need some tasty food, which will surely not be difficult to find in the urban and multicultural city of Berlin. Apart from good restaurants, it is easy to find markets both inside and outside, as well as food trucks, selling street food from all around the world and interesting fusions of different kinds of foods and tastes. A wonderful place where you will be able to try a little bit of everything is the Bite Club, where you find a collection of stands serving experimental, creative and delicious dishes from all around the world. They also organize events during summer, such as bbq evenings. If you are staying in Berlin during late summer, be sure to visit the Berlin Food Week in the end of September and give your taste buds a treat.

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