Why you must visit Czechia this summer

Once it was Czechoslovakia, then the Czech Republic and now it will be Czechia. Famous for attracting millions of visitors to Prague, the Czech Republic is re-branding itself “Czechia” in an attempt to connect better with international audiences.

The new name, pronounced ‘checkia’, will be an official shortening of Czech Republic, as “France” is to “The French Republic”. If approved by parliament, the new name will be lodged with the United Nations. If so, what can travellers expect to do in Czechia this summer?

Things to do in Czechia 2016

Muse Drones

1. See Muse and Rhianna live in Prague

English rock legends Muse and R’n’B star Rihanna are both playing Prague this summer. Muse will be playing the O2 Centre on the 4th June 2016, while Rihanna will be playing there on the 27th July. Get your tickets fast and Czech them out!

Czech beer festival

2. Prague Microbrewery Beer Festival 2016

Have a brew at this special beer festival organised by the Czech-Moravian Union of Mini-breweries. There are more than 120 kinds of beers available to taste. Admission includes a tasting glass and a brochure. No need to book, just turn up!

Where: Royal Gardens at the back of Prague Castle.
Travel: Metro station Malostranska (line A). Then take tram 22 up the hill and alight at tram stop Prazsky hrad (Prague Castle).
Where to Stay:
You can stay in Prague for under €9 a night

Prague Museum Night
Image © Thomas Depenbusch (Flickr/Creative Commons)

3. Prague Museum Night 2016

Attended by more than 100, 000 people every year, you can explore Prague museums whey they open their doors on June 11th from 7pm to 1am. Most museums will be open for free, offering visitors a unique night-time view of their exhibits.

Kutna Hora
Image © Nick Moulds (Flickr/Creative Commons)

4. Go on a daytrip to Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora, the city of silver, is a UNESCO world heritage site and is only an hour’s train journey away from Prague. It will cost around 100 CZK/person one way to get there. Once you arrive, find out how the Chapel of All Saints came to be decorated with the bones of up to 40,000 people. Always a popular day trip for backpackers, you can spend hours here exploring its architectural gems.

Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

5. Stay overnight in Cesky Krumlov

Situated on the banks of the Vltava river, Cesky Krumlov was built around a 13th-century castle. Since the the early 1990s, it’s become the second most visited place in Czechia after Prague. With its fairytale castle and baroque buildings you can see why so many people want to come here.

The medieval town is perfectly preserved thanks to its peaceful evolution over the past five centuries. Whether you call it Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic or “Czechia”, there is nowhere more beautiful in central Europe than Cesky Krumlov.