Malaga Fair 2016 – Spain’s hottest summer party

Feria de Málaga (Málaga Fair) is a brilliant way for travellers to experience Andalucia. Dating back to 1487, when Christian forces brought an end to 800 years of Moorish rule, Málaga will be hosting Spain’s hottest summer party this August.

For a week starting from 11 August, the streets of Málaga will be filled with flamenco and fireworks. The Málaga Fair is one of the most popular festivals in Spain and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, many of whom spend their summer holiday in the Costa del Sol.

Visit Málaga

Ayuntamiento de Málaga
Image by Ayuntamiento de Málaga (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Málaga is the party capital of the Costa del Sol with its electric nightlife and beautiful sandy beaches. Visitors arriving in the city for the nine-day Feria will enjoy a huge fireworks display on day one.

The street party then explodes into action with lavish dancing and fino drinking. After dark, the festivities switches to a spectacular flamenco show at the Cortijo de Torres.

Malaga Fair
Image by Ayuntamiento de Málaga (Flickr/Creative Commons)

The Málaga Fair is not only celebrated at night in the Cortijo, which is known locally as the Night Fair (Feria de Noche). The Day Fair (Feria de Día) is one of the festival highlights and takes place in Málaga city centre.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the Andalucian party season in the summer months. Filling up the bars and snacking on cheap tapas, the Day Fair is a superb way for travellers to experience the festival.

Malaga festival
Image by Ayuntamiento de Málaga (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Flamenco is a crucial part of the festival and the city has always been renowned for its traditional music and dancing. Filling the streets with noise and music throughout the day and night, the Málaga Fair is a riotous celebration of Andalusian culture.

Malaga andalucia
Image by Juergen Heitmann (Flickr/Creative Commons)

If you book a holiday in the Costa del Sol this August, then make sure to take in the Malaga Fair. The city has a superb public transport system during the festival season, allowing as many people to experience Spain’s hottest summer festival.

Enjoy the Feria de Málaga, one of the most important events in the Spanish cultural calendar!

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**Header image by Ayuntamiento de Málaga (Flickr/Creative Commons)