How to pick a hostel for your stay

So you took the decision to go backpacking in Asia or for a weekend getaway in Europe – well done! After booking your flights, the next step is to start searching for the right type of accommodation for your journey.

We wrote down a couple of tips how to find the most suitable hostel for your travel needs. Some of these are general advises and some depend on your personal preferences.


The earlier you start your search, the more options you’ll have to choose the best suitable hostel for your needs. Be clearly aware what are your preferences regarding for example location and services available on the spot. Outside the peak season it might be sometimes cool to arrive to your destination with no reservations in advance, but especially during summer time and popular public holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s or Easter, it is more than highly recommended to book well beforehand.


In addition to hostel descriptions, a good way to get more information of hostels is to read comments and reviews of previous guests. However, pay attention since people arrive with different expectations and if someone has a problem for example with a shower being outside the room, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a no-go for everyone else, too.

Hostel Cocomama Amsterdam


Do you wish to stay in a centrally situated accommodation or are you ok with taking a public transportation (or maybe a taxi at night) to and back to the hostel? Sometimes even if you think a hostel with a good location is more expensive, in the end it may still end up being a cheaper option regarding the transportation matters.


A lot of hostels provide nowadays a good and healthy breakfast either included or excluded in the room or bed price. Depends if you prefer to have your belly full before exiting the hostel or if you rather grab something on the way from a local coffee shop. However, since according to some anonymous wise man breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, we highly recommend selecting a hostel with a good breakfast included.



We believe this is one of the most important factors of a good hostel – a cosy and spacious common area to hang out and get to know new like-minded people. Good common areas of hostels may nowadays have anything from exotic musical instruments to even small movie theaters.



Even if you’re not supposed to be staring at your smart phone on your epic journey, there are times when WiFi will be at hand – especially to find the Facebook profiles of your new friends you met at the hostel or to let your friends know you’re still alive while exploring El Salvador. Some hostels have set the WiFi on purpose only for the common areas, so even if you’re stuck with your cellphone for a while, at least it’s a bunch of you with the same intention there and you might as well exchange a few words with the fellow traveler right next to you.