How To Do Venice Film Festival 2015 On A Budget

Let your camera roll and get your sunglasses ready: there’s no way to miss the prestigious Venice Film Festival!

But wait – how to do it on a budget? Read our best local tips!


The 72nd international Venice Film Festival is organised as a part of the Venice Biennale, being the oldest in the world and taking place on the island of Lido from September 2nd, 2015 to the 12th. One of this year’s highlights is the movie Everest, based on a real-life mountaineering accident that happened in 1996, and starring wold-class performers such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley.


Since the festival will take place in Lido, you’re going to take a water bus (vaporetto) to get to this small island from the mainland or, for example, from St. Mark’s Square. Normally a one-way single ticket costs 7,50 euros, so you might want to buy a 24-hour ticket for 20 euros or a 2-day ticket for 30 euros. In addition, people aged 6-29 years can buy a Rolling Venice Youth Card which is valid for 72 hours and costs 22 euros. Now that’s what we call budget travelling!

Rialto Bridge in Venice


We asked Patrick Colgan, the author of the Italian travel blog Orizzonti, if it’s possible to do the Venice Film Festival on a budget in the first place. Here are Patrick’s expert tips how to enjoy the festival without wasting your entire bank account:


The most important thing is the accommodation. Hotels in the Lido island are incredibly expensive during the festival days. You don’t need an accommodation there as the vaporetto boats go back to the main island of Venice – (or to the mainland, if you wish!) until very late night.


At the Palabiennale and other venues the films start from 6 euros and these are the places where the people truly passionate about movies and many critics and reviewers go. If you want to see a movie which competes for the Golden Lion in the Sala Grande, having the jury, the director and some of the actors attending, you will pay at least 45 euro. Getting a ticket is not too difficult if you try in advance. It gets harder for films with very famous actors and even more difficult for Italian movies. The tickets can be bought online fairly easily.

Andrew Garfield at the Venice Film Festival
Andrew Garfield at the Venice Film Festival. Photo by: Alice Barigelli /Flickr CC


The most affordable food is sold outside the Festival area. You can buy tramezzini sandwiches and salads in some bars of the Lido (there are some between the port where you arrive with the water bus and the festival area). In the festival area tramezzini and salads are more expensive but still the best option.


Every now and then you just stumble upon some of the big parties in the festivals. For example, you might discover the release party of an Italian movie by chance and just enter, since anybody is free to join!

So dear mates – who’s ready to rumble the Venice Festival this year?