How to do Dubrovnik on a backpackers budget

Dubrovnik is an astonishingly beautiful city and makes for a serene holiday destination for backpackers. With its marble old town and crystal blue waters, the 13th century port is Croatia’s postcard to the world. It’s easy to see why so many backpackers want to visit Dubrovnik on holiday.

Situated on the southern fringe of the Dalmatian coast, the former Venetian town is magnificent to explore on foot and has 800 years of history. Undeniably grand with its marble buildings you can visit this medieval town on a backpackers budget with a few clever tips.

Dubrovnik Street

Save a fortune on your travel costs by staying in a cheap hostel or boutique hotel in the Old Town. Budget travellers will find no shortage of hostels and guest houses in Dubrovnik. Book your holiday here and enjoy the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ with extra money in your pocket. 

Dubrovnik Old Town

Save money and time by getting a Dubrovnik Card. This special offer gives you access to eight historical monuments and the City Walls for only 100 HRK. Depending on your length of stay you can buy three types of cards: 1, 3 or 7 days. Also when you buy the card, you will also get a free bus pass that is valid throughout Dubrovnik. This will save you even more money and simplify your journey around the city. 

Budget things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Mount Srd

1) Mount Srd

One of the best ways to see Dubrovnik is from the top of Mount Srd. Offering sweeping views of the medieval city walls and terracotta roof tiles, the 413 metre climb takes about 90 minutes. Bring plenty of liquids in hot weather and don’t forget to bring your camera. If you have some money to spare and don’t want to walk all the way to the summit you can always take the Dubrovnik Cable Car. Tickets cost 108,00 HRK for an adult return.

Dubrovnik City Walls

2) Dubrovnik City Walls

Walk these iconic stone walls and explore Dubrovnik’s rich history on foot. Stretching for two kilometres, the UNESCO World Heritage site offers sublime views of the city and nearly all of Dubrovnik’s top historical attractions can be found within the city walls. During your walk you’ll probably notice a few crazy backpackers swimming in the water. Jumping into the Adriatic is completely free and offers you a photo opportunity of a lifetime.

3) Banje Beach

Banje is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia and is the closest to the Old Town. Offering heavenly views of the city and attracting beautiful locals and tourists, Banje Beach has its own café bar and restaurant. If you want to wear no clothes on holiday then Dubrovnik has plenty of naturist beaches such as Plat, Cava Beach and Lokrum Beach.

4) Dubrovnik Boat Trip

Dubrovnik Boat Tour

Sail the Adriatic and get away from the crowds by jumping on one of Dubrovnik’s many boat tours. Swing around the coast or go out towards the nearby Elaphiti Islands. Lokrum is also one of the easiest day trips to make if you’re thinking about getting away from it all. Beauty is only a short boat trip away in Croatia.

5) Dubrovnik’s Stradun

Stradun is the heartbeat of Dubrovnik and is one of the most beautiful thoroughfares in Europe. It’s especially gorgeous after dark and there is nowhere better to have a budget meal in Croatia. Dating back to 1468, this lovely pedestrianised street is 300 metres long and surrounded by the city’s famous walls.

Budget hostels to stay in Dubrovnik 

Cocoon Hostel

  • Cocoon Hostel offers backpackers and low cost travellers clean, beautiful rooms at bargain prices. Perfect for first time travellers arriving in Dubrovnik, you’ll struggle to get better value anywhere else in Croatia. Rooms are available from €20.25.
  • Hostel Dubrovnik is situated in the heart of Dubrovnik and is only a few minutes walk from the city’s main attractions. Clean, friendly and right beside the sea, this hostel offers superb value to money for backpackers. Rooms are available from €15.81.
  • Old Town Accommodations has a superb location in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik, close the Stradun nightlife and only a few minutes walk away from the major tourist attractions. Perfect for backpackers wanting to unwind somewhere peaceful on holiday, this property offers security and cleanliness throughout the year. Rooms are available from €24.13.