Granada on a Backpacker Budget

Granada is one Spain’s most attractive cities and millions of backpackers come to visit each year. With budget hostels available throughout the year, the Moorish city is a student friendly and atmospheric place to explore on holiday.

Situated in the heart of Andalucía, anyone staying in Granada will be in an ideal location to visit nearby Seville, Ronda and Cordoba. 80,000 students come to the city each year and backpackers will discover a vibrant town packed full of bars and tapas restaurants.

Granada City Centre

The Alhambra has been described as ‘the Jewel of Moorish Spain’ and travellers are sure to be awe struck by its romantic beauty. Built on the slopes of three hills, the rest of the city basks in the Alhambra’s iconic glory.

The old districts of the Albaicín and the Alhambra were founded in the surrounding hills, and are brimming with rickety narrow streets and flower scented landscapes.

Picture: Cristina Serrano

Dominating the city from its perch on the mountain, the Alhambra holds three distinctive buildings: the Palacios Nazaríes (Royal Palace), the palace gardens of the Generalife, and the Alcazaba.

Anyone on holiday in Granada simply must spend at least a day inside the Alhambra and visitors are advised to book well in advance to ensure of a ticket.

Picture: Darrell Godliman

Visitors to the Alhambra will fall in love with the intricately carved medieval walls, and marvel at the meaning behind the Arabic inscriptions. Many people spend hours staring and taking photos of these beautiful tapestries and ancient painted messages.

Granada Spain

The Albaicín offers a lively contrast to the tranquil Alhambra, and the hillside is full of cobbled dusty alleyways, tapas bars and medieval squares offering epic views across the city.

Another must see attraction is Granada’s Cathedral, which is the final resting place of the re-conquistador Catholic monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, who ended Moorish rule in Spain in the late 15th century.

Granada Sierra Nevada

Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains, the city has a diverse range of attractions and visitors should definitely explore the city without a guide. Getting lost in the dusty back streets reveals as much about the city as the main attractions.

Perfect for backpackers with budget bars and free tapas with every beer, the city caters for younger travellers with little money to spend.

With regular flights going to Granada all year round, book your holiday now and explore the dreamy delights of Andalucía.

Where to stay in Granada?

PS Hostel Granada

  • Polaroid Siesta Hostel is a clean, new and affordable hostel in Granada city centre. Five minutes walk away from the Cathedral, the location of the hostel is exceptional. Rooms are available from €14.94.
  • Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Granada is a fun loving hostel with a warm welcoming atmosphere. Excellent facilities available, plus free Wi-Fi. Rooms are available from €15.67.
  • AB** Hostel Granada is a modern, clean hostel only ten minutes walk from the Cathedral. Staff are multi-lingual and always friendly. Rooms are available from €13.47
  • Meridiano is a funky attractive hostel situated in the heart of Granada’s historic city centre. Clean, attractive with spacious rooms, it’s an excellent choice of venue. Rooms are available from €15.26