Go Backpacking in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most breathtaking places to go backpacking. Situated in the southern tip of the Balkans, the pearl of the Adriatic packs in epic landscapes and glittering beaches. Remarkably unspoilt you can explore this beautiful country on a budget of €30-40 per day.

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Montenegro Map

Many travellers will arrive in the capital Podgorica (previously known as Titograd) and the former communist stronghold provides a gateway to the country’s beauty spots. Backpackers should note that Montenegro doesn’t have high speed rail or luxury motorways like other European countries.

Travelling in the southern Balkans requires some meticulous planning, but with Google Maps and a smartphone connection you’ll be able to explore Montenegro easily. Book your holiday today and discover the epic mountains and party beaches of this super little country.

Backpacker Highlights of Montenegro


Kotor is a mystical Venetian port wrapped around a pristine stretch of water. Arguably the most attractive Venetian town of the Adriatic and popular with sea faring tourists, the historic city is a medieval fantasy world complete with castle ruins.

Busy over the summer months and far more attractive than Podgorica, you should climb up the ancient fortress and enjoy spectacular views of the bay. Taking more than an hour to climb to the peak, you’re recommended to climb at night during high season to experience Kotor in cooler temperatures.

Scheduled bus lines connect all cities of Montenegro and Kotor is only two hours from Podgorica costing about twelve euros.


Ostrog is a glorious monastery located above the Bjelopavlic valley and suspended on a terrifying cliff face. The religious site offers epic views for visitors and is a sacred experience for pilgrims. The monastery, founded by Metropolitan St Basil (Vladika Sv Vasilije) of Hercegovina in the seventeenth century, is the most visited Orthodox Christian site in Montenegro, and is only 45 minutes from Podgorica.

To get to Ostrog Monastery, take the Podgorica – Nikšić highway 20 kilometres north until you reach the turn off for Ostrog. For the first-time travellers, there are plenty of tourist buses that organise trips to the monastery from Podgorica and the coastal towns.

Stari Bar

Bar is a pleasant coastal port on the southern coast of Montenegro. Most backpackers arrive here to explore the decaying ruins of Stari Bar (stari means old) about five kilometres north of the town. Breathtaking in its complexity and offering sweeping views of the mountainous valleys, the historic site dates back to the Byzantine era. A trip here from Bar should cost no more than €5 by taxi.

Bar’s train station is located in the south of town and the bus station is also only 300 metres away. The town’s ferry terminal has regular summer ferries to and from Italy.


Budva is a beautiful Venetian port with medieval stone walls and a glittering coastline that has inspired travellers for centuries. As Montenegro’s busiest tourist destination, Budva is renowned locally for its fifteenth century cobbled streets and seafood restaurants. The coastal town comes alive in the summer months and has a pulsating nightlife with the city now established as one of the Adriatic’s leading party destinations.

*Book your holiday in Montenegro today and discover all of these wonderful sites and more when backpacking through the southern Balkans.