Five of the best travel drone photos in 2016

When it comes to travel photography, propeller drones are changing the way we see the world. If Instagram’s #FromWhereIDrone hashtag has taught us anything, it’s that photos are prettier from up in the sky. Drones are bringing new perspectives to our lives and to showcase this; we have chosen five of our favourite drone photos and videos this year.

1) A Drone in Italy 

Elia Locardi captured the beauty of Italy with his amazing drone video. Offering breathtaking views of Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Cinque Terre, the footage offers a stunning perspective on some of Italy’s most celebrated landscapes.

2) Camels on Cable Beach

Image by Todd Kennedy
Image by Todd Kennedy

Todd Kennedy came second in the Drone Photography Awards organised by Dronestagram this year. His beautiful footage captured camels trekking along an isolated beach in Western Australia. The competition attracted more than 6,000 entries from amateur and professional fans across the world.

3) Moab rock climbing

Image by Max Siegal

They say you should live everyday like it should be your last…No more so than Max Siegal who won first place in sport and adventure section for this terrifying epic.

4) Playa de Amadores, Gran Canaria

Image by Karolis Janulis

Karolis Janulis’s drone footage of holidaymakers in Gran Canaria looks at the bigger picture. The bird’s-eye-view emphasises the strange beauty of the sun loungers.

5) Venice by Drone

Greg Snell captured the majesty of Venice, Italy with this sweeping video. Gently flying over the St Marks Square and Rialto Bridge, drone photographers are giving Venice a fresh perspective in a digital world where it’s too easy to think you’ve seen it all before.

*Header image taken by Elia Locardi