Eight hostels where you can play beer pong

If you think beer pong is only played in American movies, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Beer pong is played in hostels all over the world and the game involves two teams throwing ping pong balls across a table into beer-filled cups.

Image by Kelly Reeves
Image by Kelly Reeves

If you don’t have the money to go out or are too tired to take a bus into town. That’s cool – hostels are there to entertain you. Here are some of the best places to play beer pong if you’re running low on funds.

360 Hostel Barcelona (Spain)

Located only a few blocks away from Plaza Cataluña, the hostel is famous for its beer pong sessions. If you fancy downing ten beers and defeating your fellow travellers in a tournament, then look no further than 360 Hostel Barcelona on your travels.

Balmers Hostel (Interlaken, Switzerland)

Backpackers go to battle in the ultimate beer pong tournament every Thursday in the heart of Switzerland. All games coincide with Happy Hour so win or lose, everyone is happy throwing balls in this hostel.

Pink Panther’s Hostel (Krakow, Poland)

With it saucy name and flirty reputation, the Pink Panther Hostel is the place in Krakow if you want to have a beer pong tournament. Always a lively venue, the Polish venue is full of travellers knocking back beers and vodka until 5am.

Image by Yelp Inc. (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Yelp Inc. (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Retox Party Hostel (Budapest, Hungary)

Situated in the centre of historic Budapest, the Retox Party Hostel is the perfect place for backpackers to hear their fellow traveller’s stories and beer pong experiences. Not to mention it’s one of the cheapest places to sleep and eat in Budapest.

Ostello Bello (Milan, Italy)

Some people might think Milan is too regal for a beer pong tournament, but this “beautiful hostel” has other ideas. Come here for classic Italian beer and shoot some balls into the opposition’s cups. There will be hangovers aplenty for anyone who comes second.

HUB New Lisbon (Portugal)

The Lisbon-based hostel is always up for a massive party. After you’ve washed down some Portuguese custard tarts (Pastel de Nata) for breakfast you can enjoy daily sessions of beer pong with friends.

Bikini Hostel (Miami, USA)

If you like hanging out of the beach and party hard…then this hostel won’t disappoint. Americans are the world champions of beer pong so travellers will have to be at their very best to get anything from them.

Red Monkey Hostel (São Paulo, Brazil)

If you want to hang outside in the courtyard, play beer pong with travellers, in the heart of Brazil’s coolest city then look no further than the Red Monkey Hostel. Close the railway station, it’s the first point of call for travellers wanting an ice cold sip of Brahma on vacation.