Discovering Europe In A Camper

Have you ever thought of travelling around Europe with a camper? According to two adventurous travelers, Helena and Peter from Sweden, a camper truly equals freedom.

While traveling through several European countries during a year from December 2014 until December 2015, Helena and Peter document their journey on FREEDOMtravel blog and kindly shared us their best tips for European destinations:

“The 1st of December 2014 we started a 1 year trip around Europe in our camper, which we call Freedom. Now we have been traveling for five months. We started in Sweden and went directly to the French west coast, continued through the north of Spain, followed the coast line of Portugal and then started to explore the south of Spain. From here we are heading to the south of France and to the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. What is coming up after that we don’t know yet.

The wonderful thing about travelling in a camper is that you don’t have to plan all the details about your trip. In fact, you don’t have to plan much at all! You check the weather forecast and head for the place where the sun is shining. Along the trip you will for sure meet a lot of experienced travellers who will give you tips about nice villages, beautiful beaches and interesting spots to visit. Here are our best tips for wonderful places to visit in Europe, from our experience so far.

The dramatic French west coast

If you like dramatic nature, fresh seafood and a touch of history you should definitely make a visit to the French west coast. In Bretagne you drive through tiny villages with old stone houses on the way to the shores, where you can experience furious waves hitting the steep cliffs. Bretagne is also the place if you love oysters and clams. For example visit the “oyster Mecca” Cancale – here you can buy fresh seafood in every corner, to enjoy along with high quality French cider. If you are only slightly interested in modern history you should also pay a visit to the coast of Normandy, where the allied invaded during the 2nd World War. We can recommend a visit in the small and cosy town Arromanches, where you still can see the floating harbour built by the allied forces.

The beautiful Algarve coast of Portugal

Galé beach, Portugal

In the south of Portugal you find the beautiful Algarve coast. What is not to like about the long sandy beaches, the cosy small towns and the picturesque marinas? We did especially like Albufeira with the lively Old Town and the magical beach of Galé. Here the nature have built small beaches, separated by cliffs, where you can enjoy the beach and the ocean feeling that you are all by yourself. If you get tired of beautiful beaches you can also make some interesting trips. We recommend a visit to the most southwesterly point of Europe, just outside the city of Sagres. Here the cliffs are staggering high and you will be amazed while watching the daring fishermen, retrieving their catch from the edges.

The colourful cities of Spain

Plaza Espana, Seville

While travelling along the Spanish south coast there are several cities worth a visit. Seville is a beautiful city, where you should take a walk in Parque de Maria Luisa. This park is actually an adventure with all the birds, statues and amazing buildings, such as Plaza de Espana. This palace-like building is extraordinary, which probably explains why it was used for a scene in one of the Starwars movies. Valencia is another likeable city, with both the beautiful Old Town and the impressive modern architecture. If you have the possibility you should visit Valencia during the Fallas festival in March. During several days the city turns into a spectacular feast with light shows, fireworks and a huge out-door exhibition of large creative statues, which are all burnt down in big fires in the end of the festival.”

If you want to follow Helena’s and Peter’s continued camper journey around Europe check out their blog FREEDOMtravel (in Swedish) and their Instagram account @freedomtravelnews (in English).