• Weird and Wonderful
  • Discovering Europe In A Camper

    Camper, Peter and Helena. Photo by Lasse Persson

    Have you ever thought of travelling around Europe with a camper? According to two adventurous travelers, Helena and Peter from Sweden, a camper truly equals freedom. While traveling through several European countries during a year from December 2014 until December 2015, Helena and Peter document their journey on FREEDOMtravel blog and kindly shared us their […]

  • Weird and Wonderful
  • Where to find the best fika in Sweden

    Swedish Cinnamon Buns

    If you have traveled to Sweden, you are probably familiar with the term ‘fika’, as swedes are raving about this every day. For those of you who don’t understand this obsession and maybe want to join in and get to know what it’s all about (trust us, you should!), fika is simply one or several […]

  • Art and Design
  • Looking Through the Tower Glass

    Offering spectacular views from one of London’s most famous landmarks, the new West Walkway at Tower Bridge is made entirely out of glass. Brand new and extraordinarily gripping, especially if you have a fear of heights, the Walkways provide a heart pounding ride over the River Thames. Gasp and spy upon the famous red London buses and […]

  • Art and Design
  • Van Gogh’s Starry Night Bicycle Path

    Van Gogh Starry Night Bicycle Path

    Cycling in the Netherlands is more beautiful than ever before, thanks to Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde’s new cycle path. Illuminating with patterns based on Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night, the Nueuen surface is coated with special paint that uses energy gathered during the day to glow after dark. Glistening along a cycle path […]

  • Weird and Wonderful
  • Swimming with Whales in Australia

    Whale watching Ningaloo Reef

    Australia is one of the best places in the world to go whale-swimming. Once mighty and feared, whales are now celebrated as one Earth’s natural wonders and travellers flock in big numbers to see them. Whales are highly intelligent and fragile creatures and it’s a genuine privilege to see one in the wild. With its gorgeous climate […]