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  • Weird museums in Stockholm


    For the best contemporary art and a feast of weird museums make sure you take in Stockholm on your travels. A city of considerable charm, Stockholm is where modern and historic streets collide. Decorated with cobbled walkways and lush green parks, the Swedish capital is famous for its glamorous night life and designer shops. If you […]

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  • Why to visit São Paulo, Brazil?

    Sao Paulo

    According to the first phrase of many backpackers’ Holy Bible Lonely Planet, São Paulo is a monster. The image of the city relies as dangerous, enormous and restless. It is indeed described by several travelers as a city that is difficult to get a hold on, to get something out of it. Even the local […]

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  • 9 weird pizzas around the world

    9 weird pizzas around the world

    If you ask the Italians, quite a few may declare the best pizza to come from Naples – or at least from some part of their promised land of culinary experiences. As a multicultural company we would never dare to go and question this  – instead, we went to discover these nine examples of weird […]