Why Slovenia is Europe’s most beautiful cheap destination

Situated in central Europe, Slovenia is a beautiful holiday destination in the eastern Alps. Boasting tree-lined mountains, green valleys and glacial lakes, it is significantly cheaper than nearby Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Its picturesque capital, Ljubljana, is often compared to Prague, but to truly experience the country, then head into the mountains. Slovenia’s natural landscapes are a haven […]

Why you must visit Czechia this summer

Once it was Czechoslovakia, then the Czech Republic and now it will be Czechia. Famous for attracting millions of visitors to Prague, the Czech Republic is re-branding itself “Czechia” in an attempt to connect better with international audiences. The new name, pronounced ‘checkia’, will be an official shortening of Czech Republic, as “France” is to “The […]

We will always have Paris

It’s on everyone’s lips now – the bad news from around the world regarding terror during the past few days. The sad incidents have made a lot of us wonder whether it’s still safe to travel overall. In addition to Paris, horrible things do happen around the world every day and some people have felt […]

Reasons to fall in love with Denmark this autumn

Did you know the popular multi-layered sweet pastries with apple filling were actually originated in Denmark, or why are the Danes so happy according to several researches made? Here’s a brief list for you to get inspired and add Denmark to your bucket list: 1.THE MODERN ARCHITECTURE The outstanding Danish architecture combines both modern and […]