Budget Guide to the Munich Starkbierzeit

Munich Starkierzeit is the dream spring festival for beer loving travellers. Taking place from 27th February and peaking around St Joseph’s Day 19th March, the Munich Strong Beer Festival has beverages twice as strong and half the crowds of Oktoberfest.

Bavarians call Starkbierzeit (Strong Beer Time) the “fifth season”, a three-week German drinking frenzy in beer halls and tents across the city. Munich has a range of budget hostels and low cost accommodation available in the city centre.

Making it a perfect spring break destination for travellers.

Picture: Johannes Simon/Getty Images
Picture: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Extremely popular with locals, Munich beer lovers shake of the winter months by drinking dark stouty beers washed down with a hot bagel. Starkbiers were traditionally associated with monks and the changing of the seasons.

Starkierzeit is a gentle introduction to Bavarian drinking culture and is far less commercial than Oktoberfest. Fear not you can still dance on tables, sing drinking songs and go completely wild on holiday. It’s just a quieter time of year.

When is Starkbierzeit?

Starkbierzeit Beer

It all begins around two weeks after Shrove Tuesday, according to when Lent falls, so this year it’s taking place from 27 February – 28 March.

Unlike the Oktoberfest the beer tents aren’t open all day. Most tents and halls will open around 6pm so it gives you plenty of time to explore the city’s attractions.

Where is Starkbierzeit?

Munich Starkbierzeit Strong Beer

The main festivities will take place at Munich’s Paulaner’s Festsaal (Festival Hall) at Nockherberg. Each beer hall and brewery in the city will host their own Starkbierfest.

Visitors can expect to see traditional Bavarian outfits of Lederhosen and Dirndls serving beers all night long.

Munich Highlights


Munich’s brewing history is almost as old as the city itself. Find out why Munich`s beer is referred to as “liquid bread” when you visit the German city on holiday. Explore the city’s beautiful and historical Altstadt (old town) and take a look back at the city’s rich history.

You can stroll from museum to cathedral, from inner city to urban parks to Maritenplatz square.

Munich English Garden

Spend springtime in Munich’s English Garden, a fantastic outdoor space and check out the city’s fantastic breweries as part of your Bavarian tour.

See out the winter blues at Starkbierzeit and welcome a new season with a spring cheer!

Where to stay in Munich

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  • Jaeger’s Hostel is a centrally located hostel that is perfect for backpackers and business travellers. Rooms are available from €14.41
  • MEININGER Hotel Munich City Center is a quality chain hotel offering a luxury way to relax and explore the finer sights of Munich. Rooms are available from €17.75