Best Places to Kiss on Valentine’s Day

Kissing on Valentines Day

Everyone wants to kiss someone beautiful on Valentine’s Day. Finding love on holiday is every traveller’s dream and millions of people will be looking for a midnight kiss on February 14th.

Book a romantic holiday now and let Cupid pull your heart strings. Europe is brimming with historic cities full of culture, and you can kiss tender lips wherever you decide to go.

From the ornate bridges of Venice to strolling along Lisbon’s cobblestoned alleys, here are a few of our favourite places to make out on Valentine’s Day.


Picture: Bruno Biancardi

Venice is a dreamboat destination for lovers on holiday. Explore the city’s secluded alleyways and stroll over some of the world’s most romantic bridges. La Serenissima is the loveliest city in the world and is perfect once the crowds have dipped away.

Grab your lover’s hand and steal a kiss on Accademia Bridge, while the sun rests over Santa Maria della Salute in the distance.

Where to Stay on Valentine’s Day in Venice

  • Hotel CaSa Linger Venice is a romantic choice in the historic Castello district of Venice. Private rooms are available from €20.25 per person.
  • Hotel Tre Archi is an eighteenth century hotel close to Venice’s ‘Three Arches’ and combines traditional Venetian architecture with a beautiful garden, a rare green oasis in Venice city centre. Private rooms are available from €20.00 per person.
  • Generator Venice is a hipster boutique hostel full of secluded private rooms if you’re in the mood for love. Private rooms are available from €15.00 per person.


Paris Kissing

Paris is a magical setting for young lovers and the most romantic city in the world. Unfortunately you can’t love-lock the Pont des Arts bridge anymore, but that doesn’t mean your relationship will collapse on holiday. On the contrary, the French capital’s ruby sunsets and sumptuous skyline will inspire you and your lover to stay up until dawn…

Where to Stay on Valentine’s Day in Paris

  • The Loft Boutique Hostel & Hotel is a stylish boutique hostel that captures the essence of modern French design. Private rooms are available from €32.98 per person.
  • Le Village Hostel is situated in one of the most picturesque areas of Paris. Private rooms are available from €25.45 per person.
  • Hotel Viator is perfect for Valentine lovers looking for a discreet and romantic getaway. Private rooms are available from €24.50 per person.


Picture: Jon Rawlinson

Sensual Rome is the true city of love in Europe. With its smouldering atmosphere and Roman ruins, the romantic possibilities are endless in the Eternal City. Book a holiday in Italy and explore the Temple of Venus and Rome and exchange hot kisses on the Spanish Steps.

Where to Stay on Valentine’s Day in Rome

  • A Casa Di Penelope is a sexy designer hostel perfect for lovers wanting some hipster fashion tips before going to bed. Private rooms are available from €33.30 per person.
  • Hotel Soggiorno Blu is wonderfully located close to Termini railway station, so there is no waiting around if you arrive in Rome come nightfall. Private rooms are available from €30.00 per person.
  • Cristina Hotel is the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend in Rome on a budget. Private rooms are available from €12.50 per person.


Portugal Romantic

Lisbon is a secretive city and undeniably beautiful. Come wander down the city’s cobbled alleyways and board one of their rickety yellow trams like it’s the 1920’s.

Where to Stay on Valentine’s Day in Lisbon

  • Unreal Hostel Lisboa is a funky new hostel and has plenty of private rooms awaiting some love on Valentine’s Day. Private rooms are available from €32.00 per person.
  • Oasis Backpackers Hostel Lisbon is a trendy hipster hostel in the heart of Lisbon. Undeniably cool and perfect for anyone wanting to hang out with fellow travellers. Private rooms are available from €25.00 per person.
  • Sao Pedro Lisbon Hotel offers guests a quiet and romantic place to unwind in Lisbon city centre. Private rooms are available from €39.00 per person.