Best places to celebrate Oktoberfest not in Munich!

Every autumn, millions of travellers arrive in Munich for Oktoberfest for two weeks of beers and pretzels. Munich is renowned across the world for its amazing beers. Attracting six million people every year, Bavaria’s beer tents are the real deal, but it’s not the only ‘Oktoberfest’ you can attend.

Oktoberfest is a global cultural event and hundreds of cities are now organising their own beer festivals. While they all pay tribute to the Munich original, they usually incorporate their own traditions and are much cheaper too.

Image by 5chw4r7z (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by 5chw4r7z (Flickr/Creative Commons)

If you can’t make it to Munich this year, then here are five alternative beer festivals you can easily attend on a budget.

Oktoberfest Dublin 2016

Image by Fingal County Council (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Fingal County Council (Flickr/Creative Commons)

What? Switch from Guinness to Erdinger this September
Where? Dublin, Ireland
When? Sep 15 – Oct 2 2016
Price? Free entry

Dublin’s Oktoberfest will be taking place at George’s Dock this year. If you fancy a few pints of Erdinger in massive jugs, then pop into the big tent for a few beers this September. With a family style atmosphere and hundreds of beers to choose from, Dublin’s Oktoberfest is the ultimate party zone for travellers.

London Oktoberfest 2016

London Oktoberfest Girl

What? London goes beer crazy in Canary Wharf
Where? London, United Kingdom
When? Sep 15 – Oct 2 2016
Price? £5-10

London’s Oktoberfest is expecting over 50, 000 revellers to attend this September. Located at Millwall Park in Canary Wharf, there will be live music, dancing and DJ sets.

All of the waitresses and waiters will be dressed up in quirky Lederhosen outfits too! They will also have a special Bavarian band, who will be playing a range of songs from traditional Oompa music to German Schlager.

Oktoberfest Barcelona 2016

Oktoberfest Barcelona
Image by Daniel Sánchez (Flickr/Creative Commons)

What? Bavarian beers and polka dot dancing in sunny Barcelona
Where? Barcelona, Spain
When? Oct 12 – Oct 23 2016
Price? Free entry

Barcelona’s Oktoberfest takes place at Plaza Universo this year. As you might expect, the Catalan version will probably have better weather than the Munich original! Barca’s festival will also have 30 taps flowing with ice old beer and a fantastic rota of live DJ sets.

Oktoberfest Paris 2016

Oktoberfest Girl
Image (Flickr/Creative Commons)

What? Bavarian beers and sausages in the City of Light
Where? Paris, France
When? Oct 6 – Oct 16 2016
Price? €39.90 (includes €15 beers per ticket)

Celebrate the unique atmosphere of the Munich Oktoberfest in the heart of the French capital. Under a big tent, you can relax and enjoy Bavarian dishes (sausages, ham shank, strudel) to the sound of a brass band, traditional waitresses and camp dancing.

Oktoberfest Marseille 2016

Oktoberfest Marseille

What? Beers, girls and sausages on the French south coast
Where? Marseille, France
When? Oct 6 – Oct 16 2016
Price? €39.90 (includes €15 beers per ticket)

After the huge success of the Paris event last year, Oktoberfest arrives in Marseille from 26 to 30 October 2016. Have a massive party with friends and travellers in a warm, friendly atmosphere serving some of the best beers outside of Bavaria!

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