How to survive a long-haul flight

We bet you’re excited to head to your long-waited intercontinental trip to Asia, Australia or perhaps to Africa. If you love flying, taking a 14-hour long-haul flight to a faraway destination could be your dream. However, some flights may be tremendously uncomfortable, especially if you’re stuck in the middle of the seat row and can’t […]

We will always have Paris

It’s on everyone’s lips now – the bad news from around the world regarding terror during the past few days. The sad incidents have made a lot of us wonder whether it’s still safe to travel overall. In addition to Paris, horrible things do happen around the world every day and some people have felt […]

Why to visit São Paulo, Brazil?

According to the first phrase of many backpackers’ Holy Bible Lonely Planet, São Paulo is a monster. The image of the city relies as dangerous, enormous and restless. It is indeed described by several travelers as a city that is difficult to get a hold on, to get something out of it. Even the local […]

Reasons to fall in love with Denmark this autumn

Did you know the popular multi-layered sweet pastries with apple filling were actually originated in Denmark, or why are the Danes so happy according to several researches made? Here’s a brief list for you to get inspired and add Denmark to your bucket list: 1.THE MODERN ARCHITECTURE The outstanding Danish architecture combines both modern and […]