Amazing Street Art in Granada: El Niño de las Pinturas

A great shout-out to all the street art fans out there!

At HostelsClub we also adore creative and colourful pieces of street art work of the most talented artists. Street art represents the freedom to express yourself, to leave your own mark to the world and what’s even more great about it for a budget traveller – it’s free to enjoy! For the love of expressional and influential street art we wanted to present you one of the most recognised street artist in the vibrant city of Granada, Spain: El Niño de las Pinturas!

El nino de las pinturas
Photo: L’Electique

El Niño de las Pinturas is a 37-year old Spanish artist representing Granada, Andalusia. Known for his colorful and remarkable graffiti and paintings that often carry a message on the walls of the city, his works however are not well received by the authorities of the city. Despite (or because) of this, his art and fame made him one of the most famous street artist of Spain.

El nina de las Pinturas

El nino de las Pinturas

Wanting to bright up the rough and grey streets of Granada, el Niño de las Pinturas prefers to use vibrant colours on his art work and create heart and soul for otherwise rather blank streets of the city. The artist wishes to express the feelings and memories of life some people have already forgotten – such as hope, forgiveness, friendship and love.

El nino de las Pinturas: Mas Amor
Photo: SecretOlivo

You can easily find the incredible street art of el Niño de las Pinturas when you paddle down the end of Calle Molinos and head to Calle Vistillas de los Angeles.

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For more cool street art photos of El Niño de las Pinturas, see his Facebook page.