9 weird pizzas around the world

If you ask the Italians, quite a few may declare the best pizza to come from Naples – or at least from some part of their promised land of culinary experiences. As a multicultural company we would never dare to go and question thisĀ  – instead, we went to discover these nine examples of weird pizzas around the world.

So get ready to drool – which one will be your new favourite?

9. Pancake “pizza”, the Netherlands

Dutch pancake

Photo: seriouseats.com

Imagine large pizza-sized pancakes that can be baked either on a sweet or salty dough and add any of your favourite fillings. This Dutch invention is very fulfilling, and can be enjoyed for example on canal-floating pirate-themed ship!

8. Pear-gorgonzola pizza, Italy

Pear-gorgonzola pizza

Photo: applecrumbles.com

Pear together with gorgonzola cheese could be one of the most beloved dessert – but to add on top of a pizza? However, even a few Italians swear to the name of this delicacy, so might be worth trying. But as a main course or as a dessert…it’s up to you!

7. Pea pizza, Brazil

Brazilian pizza with peas

Photo: allday.com

As well as peas, the Brazilians love their thin crust pizzas also topped with carrots and raisins. Sounds somewhat healthy, eh, after sipping all the caipirinhas on the beach!

6. Chocolate & marshmallow pizza, Scotland

Chocolate and marshmallow pizza

Photo: yelp.com

We love both chocolate and marshmallows like anything, but can we get them separately and maybe not on a pizza, please?

5. Peanut butter pizza, Canada

Peanut butter pizza

Photo: instructables.com

If you ask, for sure you’ll get your mouthwatering piece of grease with peanut butter in Canada! Or how about slices of avocado? That’s what we’ve spotted there, too.

4. Reindeer pizza, Finland

Reindeer pizza

Photo: ambitious.com

Believe it or not, when you go to the Finnish Lapland you may find a pizza with reindeer meat on the restaurant menu….and what’s more, it’s often combined with peach and blue cheese. But don’t you worry guys, it’s not Santa Claus’s dear Rudolph!

3. Happy Meal pizza, United States

Happy Meal Pizza

If you’re super hungry (or super-hangovered) this pizza topped with burgers, nuggets and fries might work for you. There’s all the salty and greasy stuff in one, so have a bite and recover well!

2. Pizza muffin, Anywhere

This actually seems like a useful form of pizza and can be easily baked D-I-Y. Just take a look at this mouthwatering brief video:

1. Volcano pizza in North Sweden

Volcano pizza

Photo: 9gag.com

Now that’s gonna kick some ass! This piece of chunky funky pizza art looks like it’s about to erupt on your face! Referring to one of the comments related to this photo: “My italian soul is crying”. It’s the Swedes, we’re telling you…