8 things you must to do in Cuba before it all changes

Cuba is changing fast with an estimated 10 million extra visitors arriving since 2015. With the US trade embargo now lifted, there has been a massive rush of travellers wanting to experience its old-world charm.

If you want to see Cuba before it all changes, then book a hostel and make sure you arrive before Starbucks are serving flat whites in every corner. As passionate Cuba-lovers, we’ve know how to get a cheap deal in Havana, so here’s eight things you must do before the revolution ends.

Explore Old Havana on foot

Image by Allan Hopkins (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Allan Hopkins (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Old Havana is a memorable part of any trip to Cuba. With vintage 1950’s cadillacs and colourful townhouses everywhere you look, the romantic Havana that once inspired Hemmingway is still beating on.

Get your camera ready and explore the dilapidated Centro Habana and hipster friendly Vedado – Havana is a city of exciting contrasts.

Go for a ride in a vintage car

Image by Angelo Domini (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Angelo Domini (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Book a ride and travel back to the mid-twentieth century in a classic 52 Chevrolet. Nothing lasts forever so get behind the wheel while you still can.

Dance in the street

Image by David Schroeder (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by David Schroeder (Flickr/Creative Commons)

You don’t need to go clubbing to find a dancefloor in Cuba. With its steamy hot atmosphere and tangible love of life, you can grind your hips and calves on the streets of Havana.

Drink rum cocktails in a rooftop bar

Rum Havana
Image by Secretpixels (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Havana’s Rum Museum is an excellent way to get introduced to Cuba’s favourite tipple. Rum fans usually have a Mojito at the iconic La Bodeguita del Medio, and follow it up with a daiquiri in El Floridita.

Attend a live jazz show

Havana jazz
Image by Howard Ignatius (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Havana’s is one of the most romantic musical cities in the world. Latin jazz is frequently staged at popular joints such as La Zorra y El Cuervo and the Jazz Cafe.

Go on a daytrip from Havana

Image by Franx' (Flickr/Creative Commons).
Image by Franx’ (Flickr/Creative Commons).

Explore the jaw dropping beauty of the eco-village of Las Terrazas, which is on the outskirts of Havana. Valley of Viñales is also a special daytrip and has been name-listed by UNESCO.

Attend a Hemingway bar tour 

Image by l3m4ns (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by l3m4ns (Flickr/Creative Commons)

Hemingway famously said “mi mojito en la bodeguita, mi daiquiri en el floridita”. No literary-inspired drinking tour is complete without a trip to the Dos Hermanos bar, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Havana.

Go local at a casa particular

cuba hotel
Image by Thomassin Mickaël (Flickr/Creative Commons)

We have excellent availability in locally-run casa particulars and budget hostels. Time is running out to explore the romantic Cuba we all know and love, book now if you want a piece of the revolutionary action.

*Header image by Bryan Ledgard (Flickr/Creative Commons)