8 things to include in your travel journal

Ask yourself these two questions:

1. How do you document your travels nowadays and 2. what did we do before Instagram and Facebook took over?

We believe there are still many travelers who like to keep an old-school travel journal on the road or maybe make a scrapbook to restore little memories along the way. Speaking of which, we also wanted to create our #WriteYourTravel project and thus sent six notebooks to travel and meet people around the world!

Here are a few tips what to include in your travel journal (or if you happen to bump into one of our black notebooks, feel free to apply these tips there, too!)

Travel Journal

1. FLIGHT/TRAIN/BUS TICKETS – these are the type of memories to remind you of that missed flight in Costa Rica, the train strike in Italy and the bus that had to return to the starting point due to a broken air conditioning in Malaysia. All good memories…especially afterwards!

2. MAPS – Forget about Google maps. Go and take a look at the so-called old-fasnioned paper map that your hostel often provides you for free! Doesn’t mean you have to be standing in the middle of La Rambla in Barcelona with your map wide out open, to leave no doubts you’re a tourist. Instead, find a cosy cafe or a bar, take a seat and explore the map – and after using it, restore it inside your travel journal as a memory.

Travel Notebook

3. WINE BOTTLE LABELS – Or if you’re more into beer, why not sticking those artistic beer bottle etiquettes into your scrapbook as well. The more the merrier!

4. CANDY/BUBBLEGUM WRAPPERS – are you a big fan of Baci Perugina or Chupa Chups lollipops? Restore your literally sweetest memories abroad between the pages of your notebook.

5. POSTCARDS – nowadays sending traditional physical postcards is becoming rare; your mates will get your holiday greetings anyways through the live pictures you’re posting on Facebook and Instagram. However, to bring a small affordable memory from a place you visited you might want to buy a postcard and glue it to your scrapbook as a memory for yourself.

Travel Notebook

6. TIPS FROM LOCALS – talk to a nice guy/girl on the beach, ask for their favourite song or a local movie – or, simply let them write down their best restaurant or sightseeing tips. When you’re with a book people often get curious what you’re reading or writing and thus it’s such an easy way to approach the locals, or other travelers, if you wish.

7. BUSINESS CARDS – at times you might meet for example travel bloggers on the road and to remember to check their blog for further travel inspiration later you may want to take their card. Or generally anyone’s contacts who seems interesting – doesn’t really matter if it’s for business or, errrm, leisure purposes!

8. YOUR OWN NOTES – Random scattered thoughts while lying down on your hammock, the most thrilling stories when hitchhiking through Bolivia – or just simply your feelings when waking up to a new day while drinking your morning coffee on a rooftop terrace in Tokyo.

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