7 Coolest Passports In The World

One of the most important travel items to take with you on the journey is without a doubt your dear passport. As important as packing it to your backpack is also to check it is still valid during the whole time of your trip – and sometimes even up to six months after your return.

Since every country issues their own unique passport, the world is full of interesting pieces of these travel documents which nowadays may appear even as a form of art.

As a #passportready company, we at HostelsClub wanted to present you seven of the coolest passports around the globe:


The front cover of the passport is hiding a beautiful secret inside of it – just take a look at this amazing artwork with Australia’s national flora and fauna along with the security features:

Australian passport


Nowadays the Italian passport is red, but in 1966 it was first green and in 1953 blue. What a…errm chameleon?

Italian passport


With its deep blue colour and the words “CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY”, “BARBADOS” and ” this passport is a truly beautiful piece of design.

Passport of Barbados


For the ones interested in design, there are several hidden illustrations that are revealed under UV light on the newest Canadian passport.

Canadian passport


Let’s play more with colours – the Norwegian passport cover is either white, turquoise or red depending whether you’re a citizen, immigrant or a diplomat. And what’s the best – it has the Northern lights glowing under UV light!

Norwegian passport


The Nicaraguan passport has altogether 89 different security features including holograms, watermarks and bidimensional barcodes.

Nicaraguan passport


Besides the visual features such as a comic-like moose running on the passport while you flip the pages fast and a beautiful snowflake reflection at the back cover, the Finnish passport is ranked the second most powerful passport with entrance to 174 countries without a visa.