5 ways to enjoy Stockholm as a budget backpacker

Stockholm is the glamour capital of Sweden and has a reputation for being expensive. It’s not the cheapest destination for sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go there on a backpacker’s budget. A Swedish holiday doesn’t need to break the bank, and with some clever planning you can make huge savings with HostelsClub.

Enjoy your Stockholm holiday by knowing where to stay, eat, drink and what to do on a budget. Book with us today and you’ll find cheap places to stay that won’t cost you lots of krona!

Take a free walking tour

If you want to get an intimate understanding of Stockholm, but don’t want to pay for an open top bus then you can book a free walking tour instead. Run by Free Tour Stockholm, the walk takes you through the old city (Gamla Stan) and provides a social way to discover the history of Sweden.

They also provide tours of the modern city centre and recommend cheap restaurants and bars too. Each tour lasts a couple of hours.

…Or cycle!

Image by Tommie Hansen (Flickr/Creative Commons)
Image by Tommie Hansen (Flickr/Creative Commons)

From April to October, you can hire a City Bike across 140 sites in the city. You have to pay for 3-days minimum (around 250 SEK or 25 Euros), which is perfect if you’re staying in Stockholm for a long weekend and want to get outside the city centre. You can explore the Djurgården Island or even cycle up to Hagaparken royal park.

Go to the Hötorgetshallen market

Image by Trent Strohm (Flickr/Creative Commons)

At the Hötorgetshallen you can enjoy cheap Swedish street food at rock bottom prices. Here you can eat anything from Turkish kebabs to gorgeous Swedish meatballs. Outside there are steps where you can eat next to a flower market on Hötorget, which first opened as a market in the 1640s.

If you’re on a micro budget, then you can always buy food in supermarkets and eat in your hostel kitchen. Sweden being Sweden, all of their hostels are exceptionally clean and are perfect for cooking homemade food on a budget.

Attend free museums 

Stockholm has more than 70 museums that are either free or offer free entry on certain days and times. The Architecture and Design Centre (ArkDes) is free to everyone and likewise the Modern Museum, offers free entry to its permanent collections as well as certain exhibitions.

Stay in a budget hostel

Everyone knows that after flights, the next big expense is accommodation. But if you book a budget hostel that doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can stay in the city centre for only 15 Euros a night, which is a massive bargain by Swedish standards.

Interhostel in particular is one of the most booked hostels in Stockholm, but they are one of many hostels offering clean and stylish places to sleep cheap in Sweden’s glamour capital.

*Header image by Let Ideas Compete (Flickr/Creative Commons)