5 Top Reasons Why Hostel Travellers Choose iPads

Here are 5 top reasons why iPads can come in handy for travelers:

  1. Weight –It only weighs 1.6 lbs which is much less than most laptops and even than my purse for that matter!
  2. Battery life – The battery life is claimed to last for 10 hours which is very handy when stuck somewhere that doesn’t have any plugs nearby.
  3. 3G – Now you can bypass local cable companies to access the internet, which saves you money on international plug ins, internet café searching and conveniently works in airports, hotels and hostels that you’ll be visiting along your trip.
  4. Convenient design – If you are used to flying a lot you know how small the plane trays can be and the iPad fits conveniently on the tray allowing you to type easier too, especially if you have the iPad case.
  5. Picture download capability – If you buy the camera connection kit, it will allow you to easily upload your photos while on the road!

While iPhones are small and handy, this device is just a bit larger and has more functions to play with! Become a HostelsClub facebook fan and enter the chance to win!

April 28, 2010

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