5 Reasons Why You Should Stay In A Hostel

Keep calm and get into a hostel!

Did you consider hostels only for those type of backpackers appearing without having a shower for a few, errm.. weeks and those partying like a rock star, disturbing their other fellow travelers? If you did – think again! Nowadays hostels are the next coolest thing to stay even for more demanding travelers, who seek affordable accommodation with awesome atmosphere and memorable life experiences!

We listed 5 reasons why you should absolutely stay in hostels to gain more value for your unforgettable journey:

1. Get social!

Hands up who wouldn’t want to meet new, interesting and inspiring people from all the corners of the world? Hostels appear an excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow like-minded traveler souls, no matter if your were traveling solo or with a friend or as a couple. The best scenario is to find life-long lasting friendships (or even a relationship, if you wish!) and the feeling of like an entire one big family away from home. And even if you wouldn’t stay in contact with your new mates after returning back home, you will always carry the memories shared with those particular people of that one place, one time, one moment – Carpe Diem on its best!

Travel is the best education

2. Relaxed atmosphere

Usually it’s the people who generate the common atmosphere of any place or venue. When speaking of hostels, one impeccably important feature any hostel should put effort to are relaxing, cool and comfortable common areas. This also helps travelers to socialise besides their dorm rooms with a broader amount of people staying in the same property. Hostel owners and staff are often adventures travelers themselves as well and thus understand the accommodation needs of today’s backpackers, not to forget the growing amount of hip flashpackers and style-concious glampackers.

Get social at hostels

3. Learning a new skill

Do you wish to develop yourself during your travels? Personally we think travel is the best education, so why not take all the best out of it and besides getting to know new people, also learn a new skill. At hostels there’s often at least one person, either a staff member or a traveler who knows how to play a guitar and is willing to teach others, too. Or if you’re lucky, you might even to get try something more exotic such as playing an Afro-Brazilian instrument used for maracatu, a music style typical for North East of Brazil. Or would you love to learn the basics of Spanish? Since hostels accommodate travelers from all around the world, it’s an awesome way to broaden up you language skills. And if you’ve always dreamed of knowing how to dance, let’s say – cheerful samba, soulful salsa or rhythmic reggaeton, here could be your best chance! Not to forget learning to cook several delicious international dishes.

Eat, sleep, breath, travel

4. Saving money

Especially if you happen to be a solo traveler, you’re soon to realise it’s becoming rather expensive to have your own private room in a hotel. If you however wish to keep your own space and privacy, many hostels offer private rooms, too. On the contrary, if placing your dear loyal backpack next to a low cost dorm bed, you will for sure get social since you’re rather encouraged to do a lil’ small talk with your roommates.

5. Freebies and discounts

Fancy a madly tasty mojito or groovy caipirinha right there on arrival? Nowadays many hostels warmly welcome their guests by offering a nice and chilled welcoming drink once you’ve completed your check-in. Now is there a better way to start your journey after tiring flights and a hectic bus journey from airport to your hostel? Besides drinks, some hostels also pamper their guests by offering free walking tours and discounts on nearby bars and restaurants.

Now that you guys are all thrilled to give it a go and try a hostel on your next journey, here are some of our favourite hostels with cool and relaxed travel experience guaranteed:

Buba House in Barcelona

Sunflower Hostel in Berlin, Germany is located in Friedrichshain, neighboured by the bohemian and rustic Kreuzberg and offers the perfect base to discover the fascinating German capital. Room prices starting from 17.11 €.

Buba House in Barcelona, Spain is a true backpacker hostel in the heart of the city, featuring cosy rooms, kitchen, Internet, free maps and a friendly staff to help you with any question. Rooms prices starting from 14.14 €.

Paradise Hostel Backpacker in Havana, Cuba offers genuine colonial atmosphere in the Centro Habana area with it’s own, cool bar to enjoy homemade, delicious drinks. Room prices starting from 9.52 €.

El Misti Hostel Leme in Rio de Janeiro provides a relaxed atmosphere, awaiting for you only a few blocks away from the beach and a very short walking distance from Copacabana, on a hill where you will enjoy a wonderful view of Rio. Room prices starting from 6.16 €.

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