3 reasons why this summer you should travel to Matera

The city is worldwide famous for its ‘Sassi’ (UNESCO World Heritage), but it’s also great for its unique mix of art, culture, good food and…hostels!

Matera is not a city like any other. It is located in the middle of three valleys: people here have carved the rock, creating a unique architecture in the world, known as the “Sassi” (since 1993 recognized as UNESCO World Heritage).

We are in the Basilicata region, not really the main goal of Italian tourism, but a jewel like Matera, the second largest city of the region, is a must-see for those who want to discover the best of Italy. Also because the “Stone City” retains a lots of secrets that make it even more special and boasts an irresistible mix of good food, high culture and, thanks to a recently opened hostel, budget accommodation…all you need for an unforgettable summer weekend.


The tavern Malatesta in Vicolo San Biagio
The tavern Malatesta in Vicolo San Biagio

Premise that in Basilicata you always eat well and often at low prices. So it‘s not so easy to choose a specific place, but we went for Osteria Malatesta in San Biagio neighborhood. We like it since it is a place with a great value for money, run by friendly staff, with a nice atmosphere and serving several authentic dishes. Do not miss the spaghetti alla chitarra and crapiata (a vegetable soup, typical of the Matera tradition). And, if you love music, remember to check the Facebook page of the Osteria because Malatesta also hosts a Jazz festival with good concerts!


It goes without saying that if you visit Matera you MUST visit the Sassi, everyone knows that. But many are unaware that in the city there are other attractions not to be missed: we strongly reccommend to visit to the Crypt of the Original Sin, a priceless treasure 14 kilometers from city center, in the charming setting of the Appia Antica Park, in the plateau of Murgia (which is itself a place worthy to visit): within a small rocky hollow the “Painter of Flowers of Matera” has created a series of beautiful frescoes, known as the “Sistine Chapel ” of rock painting. The paintings date back to the ninth century AD and tell stories from the new and the old testament. And it is amazing to think that this wonder was rediscovered only in 1963! We strongly recommend a visit also to the Museum of Rural Life, very interesting to better understand the history and lifestyle in Matera and surroundings. Remember finally that Matera (together with Plovdiv, Bulgaria) will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019!


The beautiful front desk of the Sassi Hostel in Matera
The beautiful front desk of the Sassi Hostel in Matera

Here we go on the safe side and we recommend the Ostello dei Sassi. The hostel is located in Via Casalnuovo, a few steps from the most beautiful panoramic views and stunning sights such as the church of Saint Lucia alle Malve and the cave house of Vico Solitario. The project stems from the work of a cultural association that wanted to create a place where travelers from all over the world could come together in a relaxed atmosphere, all with lowcost prices. Apparently they succeeded very well, since the Sassi hostel is very nice and has rates in dormitory starting from only 20 €!

You can book your bed at the hostel of Sassi directly from the form here below: