10 Purrrfect Cat Cafés Around the World

To all the cat lovers out there!

So do we have some cat lovers out there? Excellent! Now we are thrilled to provide something very special for you mates!

Have you heard of those lovely theme cafes popping up around the world, which in addition to grabbing a cup of coffee also allow guests to play and cuddle with fluffy little kitties? Cat cafes often charge an affordable rate by hour, and they offer a perfect chance for those not having a possibility to have their own cat but still wanting to enjoy the presence of these cute, furry felines with their own will.

Check out these 10 fabulous cat cafes around the world and get impressed and inspired now!

1. Madrid, Spain: La Gatoteca

La Gatoteca, Madrid

Located in the centre of the city right next to the Reina Museum, La Gatoteca is often described as ‘more than a cat cafe’ by it’s loyal customers. Indeed, it’s more like a cat-sanctuary than a cafe, and visitors can actually help the cats by buying a drink. La Gatoteca also has cats for adoption as well as a cosy gift store.

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2. London, UK: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

London’s first ever cat cafe is warmly welcoming you to relax with a cup of tea in the soothing company of the purring kitty cats. Lady Dinah’s is a home for several rescued cats, with its’ most important duty to ensure the happiness and well-being of London’s most loved felines.

Where to stay in London: Wombat’s City Hostel, prices from 31.85 €.

3. Singapore: Neko no Niwa

Neko no Niwa, Singapore

With Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (‘Cat Garden’ in English), the owners Sam and Sue wanted to share their joy and knowledge with 15 years of experience. Myths like ‘cats are dirty, noisy and aloof’ can’t be further from the truth. The only way to dispel such myths is to create an opportunity for people to spend time with cats and experience for themselves how lovely, responsive and intelligent companions cats can be.

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4. Bangkok, Thailand: Purr Cat Cafe Club

Purr Cat Cafe Club, Bangkok

Bangkok’s Purr Cat Café Club is a place where cats, not humans rule – from the puss-inspired balcony to the tasty kitty-shaped treats you get to eat. It’s often researched that having a pet makes you more relaxed and able to cope with stress; however, in a busy city of Bangkok it’s not unfortunately always possible to own a pet. This is why Purr Cat Cafe Club is a perfect alternative for petting cats and enjoying the calm atmosphere.

Where to stay in Bangkok: The Urban Age Guest House, prices starting from 6.37 €.

5. Seoul, South Korea: Norie Cafe


From outside, Norie Cat Café seems rather compact and small, but when stepping inside, visitors are welcomed by the beautiful sights of a two-meter tall cat tree along with some 15 precious cats. Overall, the place is very well taken care of and there’s no smell or litter – and the staff is regularly checking with diners if they would like to place more orders so as to make their visit longer.

Where to stay: Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse, shared rooms starting from 11.05 €.

6. Taipei, Taiwan: Cafe Dogs and Cats

Cafe Dog and Cats in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is in fact the very first destination to open up a cat cafe in the whole world! Besides the lovely cats, this cafe also has one dog, a fat golden retriever. The cafe makes sure to have several pets to play with while still maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. They also consider that the cats have their own space, having a separate, closed off plastic room for the cats to go in so they can have a break from customers’ attention.

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7. Vienna, Austria: Cafe Neko


This hidden little coffee place in Vienna is just simply wonderful! Currently there are three lovely cats staying in this cosy cafe and what’s even more interesting – the cafe is actually Japanese! Along with the company of beautiful cats, Cafe Neko furthermore serves Japanese delicacies, such as toasted-rice tea and delicious, slightly creamy green tea.

Where to stay in Vienna: A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof, prices starting from 21.83 €

8. Paris, France: Le Cafe des Chats

Le Cafe des Chats, Paris

This cosy and warm cafe is a perfect little haven in Paris to discover for all the cat lovers out there!  Le Café des Chats provides food and shelter for a carefully selected group of adopted cats, and promises to provide them with regular medical care and vaccinations. There’s a litter room only for the cats use, accessible by a small cat-door and separate from the café to ensure hygiene for both cats and clients. And what’s more with this café – they serve the most delicious cheesecake ever!

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9. Turin, Italy: Il Neko Café

Il Neko Café, Turin Italy

This very first cat café of Italy was opened on in April 2014 in Vanchiglia, Turin. Quoting a reviewer from TripAdvisor: “Cozy place, a nice cafeteria and friendly staff. Watch out for the crawling spawns of Satan that will try to get your food with puss-with-boots style! 😉 ” Now is there anything there more to add to this, friends? Go and see it yourself on the spot!

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10. Tampere, Finland: Cat Café Kissakahvila Purnauskis

Cat Cafe Kissakahvila Purnauskis, Tampere Finland

Recently opened Kissakahvila Purnauskis is respectively the first cat cafe in Finland. All of the cats there have a different life story to tell – but what’s in common is that they all love being a pet. This lovely cat cafe wants to provide experiences to both cat lovers and other enjoyers. Decorative specialities of cat art as well as selected cat literature can also be found in the café – along with a delicious cup of fresh coffee.

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However, after reading this – please remember cats are and will always be cats and they don’t spend their lives seeking attention from human beings. When visiting this kind of cat cafes, you should respect the honoured animals and their own space, if they wish so.

Enjoy your visit to a cat cafe and keep booking with HostelsClub.com! Meeoow!