10 Most Beautiful Instagram photos of Malaga

As an eye-catching gateway to the Costa del Sol, the sunny Southern coast of Spain offers 300 days of sunshine a year, soft sandy beaches and incredibly tasty Spanish food. Malaga, the capital of the Province of Malaga has been for long loved by many travelers who return there to enjoy the best climate of Spain and the pure friendliness of Malagueños.

We collected 10 capturing views of this artistic seaside city of Malaga on Instagram – not in any special order but to get equally inspired by all of them!

1. So calm and peaceful you could nearly hear the thoughts of the fish.

2. Not such a bad morning view at all!


3. Reflects of the evening sun on the old buildings of Malaga.

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4. Wave after wave; feeling nostalgic, perhaps missing something or someone distant, absent or lost.

nostalgia: Sentimiento de pena por la lejanía, la ausencia, la privación o la pérdida de alguien o algo queridos.

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5. Rest your eyes full on wanderlust on this natural landscape.

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6. Watch the city become a brand new world at the nighttime.


7. See the glowing glory of the marvelous architecture.

8. Let the turquoise sea sweep your worries away.


9. Get up early in the morning and welcome the new day by admiring the first rays of the sun behind the horizon.

10. …and end your relaxing day by gazing at this amazing sunset under the palm trees.

Atardecer en Malaga – Sin efectos #withoutphotoshop #withoutmakeup #malagasunset #malagasunrise #sunset #sunrise

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Cover image: Kārlis Dambrāns /Flickr Creative Commons