10 gadgets to identify yourself as a Flashpacker!

Once you have gone backpacking, the standard holiday never seems to match up to your expectations. It is difficult to enjoy your fifteen dollar cocktail in a tourist restaurant with a load of backpackers making whoopee around the corner in a local bar.  Hence the rise of the flashpacker, the wealthy traveler who wants the backpacking lifestyle with the comfort that money affords. Anyone with more than two of the following gadgets is likely to be a flash packer:

  1. Flashpackers can’t be seen with a point-and-shoot camera and will likely carry an impractically large SLR camera with a range of expensive lenses, all carried in a brand new ergonomic bag.
  2. As well as a camera, flashpackers always carry some sort of tripod. This will either be a tiny tabletop model or one of those folding ones that expands up to a huge size.
  3. GPS devices mean that flashpackers can always be rescued by helicopter if something goes wrong and allow their friends back home to follow their exact route on Google maps. They are designed to always run out of power as soon as you get lost.
  4. A space age, universal adapter is an essential piece of flashpacker kit. With so many devices to power, the flashpacker must take every chance to pump juice into his gadgets.
  5. Most flashpackers carry some sort of water purifier. It might be a micro filter device or straw or even one of those ultra violet wands that kills all known life in seconds. It will never be used and lives in the “just in case” pile at the bottom of their high tech rucksack alongside the travel iron!
  6. No flashpacker would be seen dead drinking out of a plastic bottle when they can use a 100 dollar ergonomic camelback pouch instead. These are great on long hikes, but not so cool in downtown Sydney.
  7. The Ipod is no longer the domain of the flashpacker as most travelers have them nowadays. Flashpackers like to stay ahead of the crowd and are now sporting tiny Nanos.
  8. While most travelers make do with a pair of sandals the flashpacker goes in for the latest in footwear technology. Flashpacker shoes look like something out of Star Trek!
  9. Flashpackers can’t make do with some shower gel in an old Coke bottle but stick rigidly to their home body care regimes while traveling. If you find a girl in a hostel with a mud mask on their face or a guy with six bottles of different creams, they are very likely to be flashpackers.
  10. Okay, it is not strictly a gadget, but many flashpacker couples are now travelling with the ultimate in accessories; the baby or small child.

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January 20, 2011

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